30 Hilarious Illustrations Teach You How To Be An (Annoying) Cat.

30 Hilarious Illustrations Teach You How To Be An (Annoying) Cat. July 13, 2017

Most people might think being a cat is easy. To the uninitiated, it would appear the essence of a cat’s existence is to curl up on the furniture and to give casual indifference to its human caretakers. Surprisingly, there is so much more than we thought. In this series of hilarious illustrations, [Last Lemon][1], a creative studio and brainchild of Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, teaches both people and felines alike how to be a cat. There are 30 illustrations that really get down to the basics. For example, kittens are instructed to attack the Christmas tree, play with socks, and completely obliterate house plants. Cat owners have experienced the rules, but for those who don’t own a feline, it may be a good introduction to the finer points of a cat’s behavior. Who would have thought there is so much to know to not only be a cat but really, to take care of one adequately and deserve it’s finicky and selective praise. [1]: http://lastlemon.com/cats/