This Cat Was Trapped In A Bank And Rescued With The Help Of Passersby.

This Cat Was Trapped In A Bank And Rescued With The Help Of Passersby. December 9, 2018

Over the years, our lifestyles have changed dramatically, and beyond recognition, particularly when compared to beings of primitive times. With the help of the latest technologies, we might’ve become more socially aware and privy to instant information. But hasn’t this increased usage of technology made us ignorant of our own surroundings in a way? We’re often so focused on our work that we end up missing out so many things that are going on in front of our eyes. It may not even be our fault; as it’s just how our lives are designed these days and you must adapt to the way things work. We’ve seen numerous incidents that depict how our ignorance can create problems for not only our fellow human beings, but also for innocent little animals.But cats also suffer from mood swings like we do, believe it or not. There are times when these felines roam around without even making a sound. Sometimes you don’t even realize when and how they entered a room!

However, indoor cats are considered to be healthier, with a longer lifespan. But considering the freedom cats need, their owners let them rove around, hoping the cats would return home in search of food or a place to sleep. Sometimes, this works out great, as the cat truly feels at home with their owner, and keeps coming back every time. Other times, they end up getting “lost.”

We can only blame the timing of this incident as it was already closing time when the kitty decided to enter the bank. The bank workers, being oblivious to the cat’s presence, didn’t realize they were locking her inside the bank.

The poor feline stood for a while on the bank’s entrance and waited for people to notice her. Fortunately, the cat’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed for too long. Jaimee, a second year student from Liverpool, saw the cat and took a few pictures.

He was hoping that someone might recognize the cat and come rescue it. Jaimee wrote, “Out walking through town and we’ve just found a cat stuck in a bank.”

Jaimee told, “The RSPCA told us to leave a note in the bank explaining that the cat was trapped in there overnight and to make sure that he is safely taken home. The bank reopened at 9:30am this morning, and I haven’t found out anything but I imagine he’s safe now. We also talked to the restaurant next door to the bank and they said that they always see that cat coming into the shops around there, so the people there are quite familiar with it.”

A woman named Eleanor, who fell in love with the cat, volunteered to adopt it after hearing the news. But unfortunately after seeing the collar around the cat’s neck, she realized it belonged to someone else. While we do know this furry little angel already has a family, it’s nice to know that had it not belonged to someone else, it would’ve been adopted. We’re glad that the cat was rescued safely in the end.