Catastrophic Design Fails That Someone Should Probably Fix ASAP.

Catastrophic Design Fails That Someone Should Probably Fix ASAP. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You would think after all those design classes in school, architects would be better at, well, designing. But it turns out some architects went into the field to become trolls. Judging from how bad some of these architecture designs are, you would think these people want to watch the world burn. Check out some of the designs below that are so bad that they’re accidents waiting to happen. They look like they’ve been set up to torture people. From a sink faucet right above an electricity outlet to a bike path that’s on the ledge of a canal — these design fails are so bad they had to be done on purpose.Well, this is one way to separate the drunks from the rest of the traffic.

It would definitely help you hone your balancing skills.

Hopefully no one runs down these stairs in a rush.

Is it a problem if there’s swerve marks.

Beautiful artwork, but probably not a good idea to place it on a wall.

But it’s great for people with itchy backs.

So do people just take an educated guess at what color the light is.

Maybe miracle happens on the 7th step.

“Well, it’s abstract. It’s not my fault you can’t understand it.”

But the real men’s room is on the right. You can tell from the door being all messed up.

I can only guess these tracks are out of service. They gotta be, right?

Yeah, that’s… helpful. We just gotta find a way to get past the metal bars when the time comes.

Child disposal center! Best watch your children up there.

That’s just for the new people and the people who hate their job.

But before you go up the stairs, please proceed with caution.

I think I just mentally fell down these stairs.

Do you call a plumber or an electrician at this point?

Even the outlet is saying “WTH.” Look at the faces it’s making.

Well isn’t this a little ironic?

Don’t let the railing intimidate you, you can do it.

The plant at the end stops you from hitting the wall.

When you try to apply Tetris to real life.

“Wow, You’ve got a nice view! Does it bother you if I stand on your terraaaaaaaaaaa…….”

Ah, the ol’ “Spin and Duck.” That looks like a fun thing to play on.

“Honey, can you put some air in the foundation?”

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