Catios (Cat Patios) You Have To See To Believe.

Catios (Cat Patios) You Have To See To Believe. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Your indoor cats can often feel left out when they see you through the window sipping your tea in your outdoor patio. But we tend to keep cats indoors because we’re afraid they’ll run away and get hurt. But now there’s a way for your cat to enjoy all the perks a patio has to offer without causing your heart to race with concern. It’s called a “catio” and people are building it to give their feline friends a harmonious place to chillax. And now, you can too. It’s an entertaining enclosure that is safe and purr-fectly awesome for your cat this summer!Not only that, but cats won’t break the bank either, because they eat a lot less food than a medium-sized dog according to the ASPCA. And since you don’t often spend a lot of moola on your furry little friend, spare no expense and build them their own catio unit in the backyard! Take this one for example. It’s pretty zen, like a Japanese garden, and it’ll keep your kitties entertained for hours.

If anyone deserves to have a humongous open space to roam free it’s our lovely feline buddies. Cat enclosures are typically made out of wood framing, clear polycarbonate or wire mesh roof, pine or cedar shelves, and escape-proof galvanized wire. The idea is to let your pets have a playground where they can let loose and have fun without running the risk of them getting lost.

You might need a bit of help doing the blueprints, or you could just buy several cages and get the units to securely fit next to each other so your kitties can walk around freely. But once you’re all done, your kitties will be forever grateful!

This cat owner clearly wanted to get the very best cat fort money could buy. Heck! It looks good enough for a human to live in! The main area allows the kitties to jump, hide, run, and pretty much go nuts while still being protected inside the catio. Genius!

The man’s kid posted a photo of the stunning construction on Reddit. Users were fascinated by the intricate details and of the catio, which included a tower, a bridge, and a treehouse. When asked how much this cost their dad, Redditor _flower_ explained, “Just asked my dad, said it took him under 20 hours and around $300CAD! He has previous experience with carpentry.” That’s a bit more impressive than the catio itself! Way to go, dad!

Well, for starters, dogs can rely on their sense of smell to find their way home if they get lost. Whereas cats can get lost chasing after a bird. All it takes is a big noise or a strange smell for a kitty to run for the hill, only to never hear back from them. Cat enclosures are typically designed to reduce cat fights, protect wildlife and birds, and even helps you stay on your neighbor’s good side as your kitties won’t be running around their backyards.

Some cat owners are afraid to build an impressive outdoor unit like this one as they fear their cats wouldn’t even use it. But as you can see, not only are they 100% aboard the “catio” train, they also love to lounge around and a take a little nap when they’re done playing. Awww!

But it’s actually a stunning patio that was designed for kitties to happily play outside. Cat owners are willing to go above and beyond to keep their furry friends happy, and it shows! Honestly? We’re kind of jelly!

It’s completely decked out and packed with sky boxes, a center cat tree, and a hanging bridge. These furry babies have comfortably parked their butts around their favorite spots in the catio. Clearly, it’s 100% kitty-approved!

Catios protect pets from predators, diseases, and unnecessary vet bills, (which you’re probably familiar with if you have a territorial cat who likes to get into a fight or two every now and then!) Plus, they provide extra stimuli as it allows cats to have a healthy outdoor lifestyle, get plenty of exercise and fresh air in a protected environment.

A Redditor posted a photo of their kitties goofing around their outdoor catio and explained they couldn’t just let them roam free: “The reason why our cats aren’t allowed outside is because we live in an area with foxes and coyotes, so predators are a real concern. We’re also by a semi-busy road, so cars pose a problem, too. We only set up the tent/tunnel system when we’re around and can keep an eye on things; the cats are never left out there unattended.”

Not only will your kitties get to sunbathe and get some fresh air, but you’ll also get to lounge by their side and catch up on your reading!

Kitties will still get to sunbathe, lounge around, and explore this fun and cozy catio menagerie that includes a mini bridge, (built with a log!) and their own little chair. Isn’t it adorable?

Instagram user, Coppers Cat Commune, snapped a pic of their lovely kitties lounging around their catio. “Our gazebo is one of the popular places the cats like to hang out. C3PO is the one in the hammock. You can find him there almost every day. He knows how to make the most of his relaxation times”. We could’ve never imagined how popular catios could be! Judging by their faces, these kitties don’t have a care in the world!

If you’re looking to get your cats to unwind and find a safe area where they can lie down and relax all day, then think about building a more conservative-sized outdoor catio. Even if it’s only half the size of the previous enclosures, it still does the work! Just look at these two!

Instead of forcing their outdoorsy kitty to stay inside all day, they found a way to compromise and built an outside catio where Mr. kitty could roam around without preying on innocent birds. We absolutely love thoughtful cat owners, don’t you?

Their owner, Mark, built two long tunnels that run across the fence. They lead to two structures where the kitties can get some exercise. Their cat jungle gym structure even has a roof on top. Now, we kind of want to build one ourselves!

Luckily, they turned the outside porch into a spectacular enclosure where their kitty can spend their afternoons bird watching, sunbathing, and basking in the glory of how lucky they are to have such thoughtful owners!

Their owners don’t have to worry about them never coming back or getting run over by a car, as they can easily come and go through the cat flap in their kitchen window. “This year we will be adding a play wheel, more shelving & ramps to play on, some logs & maybe some grass! The cats love it as they can play out in all weathers without getting their paws wet!” the enthusiastic owners explained. We can’t wait to see what it looks like once they’re done with their catio project!

Any outdoor space, whether it’s a porch or a simple balcony, could qualify as a catio as long as it’s an enclosed space that’s escape-proof. Even if the catio is simple and small, it’ll still get the job done, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and build your own unit! Your kitties will kiss the ground you walk on!

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