Cats And Their Human Dad Remake Memorable Movie Scenes Together.

Cats And Their Human Dad Remake Memorable Movie Scenes Together. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Humans have been in the Hollywood spotlight for way too long, don’t you think? Now it’s time to shift the focus towards the feline community, which is exactly what a man from the UK thought. Using his two Burmese cats, Tara and Willow, named after the witchy couple from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dave has recreated the most memorable movie moments ever and they’re pawsome! Just ask his 67.3 thousand followers who can’t get enough of those Oscar worthy pics. With the help of his wife, Sarah, he has managed to give some of the coolest scenes in Hollywood a feline do-over that is bound to tickle any cat lover’s fancy.Dave and Sarah took a page out of “The Notebook.” Oddly enough, Dave looks more like Chris Pratt than Ryan Gosling. But the cat looks purrr-fect in that dress. We’re sure Rachel McAdams would agree.

Dave and Sarah, a couple from Nottinghamshire in the UK, come together on the weekends to come up with a brand-new movie scene to turn into a reality, but with a feline twist of course.

The beloved couple got the idea to start remaking the memorable movie scenes with their cats while at the pub. You see, they host a pub quiz where film/TV trivia is a regular theme. But with pics like this one, the pub quiz has gotten oh-so much cooler.

The couple has recreated over 10 scenes so far using their cats. But with their love for movies and felines, that number is bound to continue growing, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

While Dave gets to play Wayne, one of his cats gets to gender bend and play the role of Garth. Clearly, Tara and Willow must think their owners are totally nuts for making them do this, but we love them.

Heeere’s Johnny! What a treat this must be for Dave and Sarah, who get to produce these hilarious recreations. But the real credit should go to Tara and Willow for lending their talents and their paws.

Nice wig, Dave! This couple loves to have fun, and once they’ve decided on what movie to recreate, they use camera angles and Photoshop to make the final product look absolutely paw-less.

Dave and Sarah always challenge their followers to try and figure out which movie they’ve recreated on Instagram. It’s actually quite challenging because no one puts kitty in the corner!

When trying to recreate the epic dating scene from “Lady and the Tramp,” Dave and one of his cats are spot on. It takes a lot of claws to remake this creatively inspiring scene and make it look oh-so romantic.

The true stars in all of this are Tara and Willow. Dave and Sarah are just helping them to express their artistic talent in a magical way that is bound to attract the attention of millions of cat lovers.

There is no genre that this human/feline family isn’t willing to take on from romance to animation, and even sci-fi horror. Hopefully, Willow and Tara are well compensated with treats, cause they can tear your heart out if you don’t.

Can you feel the passion and the love? But when these two are done with these scenes, Dave will go on to hunger for Sarah’s touch, while Willow and Tara hunger for some cat food, some water, and a scratching post. The lives of these cat-tresses are never easy.

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