25 Humorous Examples Of Cat Logic That Humans Will Never Understand.

25 Humorous Examples Of Cat Logic That Humans Will Never Understand. September 14, 2018

If you’re a cat owner then you know that cats do the strangest things. What is known as “cat logic” actually makes no sense at all to us humans. We would gladly choose to sleep in a warm comfy bed over the hard wood floor anytime, cats seem to disagree. We would gleefully choose a big elaborate playground over a plain empty box, cats will disagree. These feline creatures have their own special and strange perspective of the world that us humans don’t always understand. And that’s fine, because we don’t have to understand. As long as they go potty where they’re supposed to and give you no trouble, we say let them do their thing.It’s not worth it unless it’s a challenge.

“What do you mean am I comfortable, heck yeah I am.”

Don’t mess with this kitty!

They love running water.

“They’re perfect, but why is there a hole in the middle of it?”

Especially for a long cat like this.

Words to live by.

Isn’t the answer obvious?

“But I like it right here on the box.”

No claustrophobic vibes here.

“Let me just lay on your back to help you work better.”

They just really don’t give a darn.

Sometimes you’re just that hungry where your body just plummets on the floor.

In their mind, they’re the master.

To be honest, I’d do the same thing if I were them.

“Sorry sister, this is my man.”

You’re really just wasting your time and money on those fancy beds.

The way they’re positioned makes so much sense.

The opening here was on top.

“It’s perfect!”

How are a bunch of lumpy shoes comfy to lay on top of?!

Or saw that the door was already open but still attempted to run through the cat door.

I guess sponges make great DIY cat toys.

You should try it yourself sometime.

You’re living in the cat’s home.