Watch The Amazing Reaction Of These Kitties When They Smell Food Is The Best Thing You Will See Today

Watch The Amazing Reaction Of These Kitties When They Smell Food Is The Best Thing You Will See Today November 14, 2018

The thing we look forward to the most when we wake up every morning is getting a plateful of yummy breakfast. Whether it is the smell of freshly fired bacon or some delicious pancakes with syrup, it works as an instant wake up call. We may not realize it but animals aren’t so different after all. The following story is proof of just that.Living with a cat brings a whole new range of adventures in your life. The feline creatures and their fascinating actions tell us some really amazing things about their lives. Cats indulge in several things which might baffle you at first but eventually you begin to understand their mindset and lifestyle. Also it has observed that whatever they do is certainly well thought.

Felines are probably the most fascinating companions to us humans. They say dogs are a man’s best friend, whereas a cat is the weird roommate who makes face at whatever you give them to eat and then poop in a box. So it’s always a mystery whether the food that you give to your cat will be received well or not. But, in general, cats love food and it’s probably the only thing that can get them off their butts.

Cats, generally, appear to be heavy sleepers. When they are napping (which is what they do for the major part of the day) it is nearly impossible to wake them up. They will ignore the sounds of even drumroll, just to go back to sleep. But what’s funny is that if the kitties hear something that they like, they will snap out of their sleep in a split second.

As it turns out cats have their priorities straight. They know what is worth waking up and what isn’t. And the only thing that is dearer to these felines than their love for sleep is their love for food. This next incident will prove just that to you. These cute little kittens sleeping together in their cozy bed look unbelievably adorable. The sight of these kittens sleeping so peacefully can easily make you stare at them forever.

The moment they heard their human parent dropping food onto the floor they sprung out of their bed like they were never asleep. What followed was a vicious battle for the food.

The way these tiny felines popped out from their comfy box was highly surprising. Had you seen them sleep you would’ve thought they were probably dreaming about chasing a butterfly or running away from a shower.

But as the oh-so awaited sound of food entered their ears, the kitties couldn’t wait any longer.

According to the experienced cat owners, food counts for the best wake-up call for any feline. But who wouldn’t wake up to the smell of delicious mouthwatering food. Another similar incident showing how much a cat adores and loves the food came to light.

A kitty named Viivi showed that she loves her food even more than her sleep. Viivi’s human friend put a piece of ham right beside her when she was fast asleep on her bed. But what amazed her human was the funny and cute reaction of the feline.

As Viivi smelled the ham, she woke up and started looking around for the same. The moment she found the piece, she gobbled on it and finished it in the blink of an eye.

This funny incident can be seen in the video HERE.