Cats Wearing Cute Hats Knitted From Their OWN Fur.

Cats Wearing Cute Hats Knitted From Their OWN Fur. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cat owners have to deal with their pets shedding their hair all-year-round. During the colder months, felines grow their coat heavy to keep warm but will shed it by the spring. Cats will shed the hair as well as groom themselves until they cough up big fur balls that look like tubes of hair. This means humans need to be diligent about sweeping and vacuuming the floors, couches, and any other area of the house their pet likes to hangout in. Most find the idea of shed and regurgitated hair as stomach-churning enough. But there is always one cat person who finds this behaviour completely natural and endearing. Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki has three cats, which means he has plenty of shedding happening in his home. Rather, than get frustrated at the constant clean-up, he lets his inner artist shine through.

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