Hysterical Cat Snapchats Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better.

Hysterical Cat Snapchats Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better. March 13, 2020

It’s impawsible not to laugh at some of the hilarious things that our favorite felines do, especially when they get turned into hilarious memes on Snapchat. It’s tough to gauge what exactly it is that cats are thinking about or why they take certain actions, but whatever the reason, they are so picture-worthy, whether they intend to or not. So to celebrate cats and all of their quirkiness, we take a look at these Cat Snapchats that has some owners adding some of the shocking and funny things they saw their cats or someone else’s cat doing. So get ready to experience a huge belly laugh.This black hole makes weird noises, has a tail and may leave scratch marks as souvenirs.

These cats also look like they are either resting or preparing to do a spell and all they need is a child.

Cats can be like humans too, especially when it comes to doing yoga poses with other cats.

The two ginger feline beauties were supposed to be shorthaired kittens, but they defied the odds.

Be afraid if you hear your cat say, “Mirror, mirror on the furnace, who’s the bringer of the evil menace?”

There is something so funny about this cat as if it’s forever still not knowing that the bird will not move.

This poor cat’s face says it all and now it knows that curiosity not only can kill but it can freeze it too.

He knew he ate something ungodly when the cactus pricks his mouth back or just from his “omg look.”

They may be different animal breeds, but that doesn’t stop them from being cute together.

This is your cat’s way of telling you that if you forget to feed them, then they will cut you.

Some cats like this one just want to chill and enjoy some “meow” time even if you don’t have a hammock.

Instead of normal cat behavior, you are stuck with a cat that likes to scale bars and railings. Still cute though!

Whatever you do, make sure you’re not left alone with this cat or you might get seriously clawed.

If you really love me, take that camera away. I’m not a morning cat. At least comb my hair.

Sadly, that black raven is no yellow Tweety bird! Heck, it’s not even a real bird. So don’t bite into it.

You don’t need to be a mind reader to tell that these cats are saying auf Wiedersehen to that outfit.

Sure, it’s looking at you all sweet and innocent, but that’s its sinister plan to get you to love it.

Being a chameleon kitty can have some serious downsides, especially around dinner time.

Now you have to meet the pixelated cat, who looks so cool and distorted through this glass door.

Don’t give him a ball of yarn to play with or a new feline sibling. All it wants is this soft furry bear.

Boy does he look desperate for a feeding. Too bad his mean owner is torturing him like this.

It’s good that cats get more than one life cause they’ll need it when one lands on top of the other.

You know it’s time to take your cat to the groomer when you’re able to leave a mark on its fur.

Most pet owners treat their cats like kids and spoil the heck out of them with yurts and tablets.

This should make it pretty obvious that this kitty hates her food now that she thinks it’s a litter box.

Maybe this owner should consider keeping the sky light closed unless they want a runaway cat.

Don’t tell us. You’re calling him Mini-Me! Guess you’ll catnap first before taking over the world.

Is anyone else getting that Twins from “The Shining” moment with these two? Not today, kitties!

Don’t even think about forcing this cat to get in there with you or it will turn the hot water on you.

Oh, do come out, Mr. Mouse. We swear that we only want to talk and make you lunch.