Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Can’t Stop Trolling Each Other.

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Not everyone has the guts to troll or make fun of Wolverine, but if anyone is up for the job, it's definitely Deadpool!

Hugh Jackman was recently occupied with his new movie release this year, *Logan*. The Wolverine tweeted a photo of himself with fans in Beijing, but probably wasn't expecting to be trolled by Deadpool, himself. Ryan Reynolds has always had a knack for trolling Hugh on the Internet, but don't be fooled. This is not one sided, but a mutual relationship of equal trolling. Not only is this our favorite celebrity feud ever, it's also our favorite superhero feud.

The two taking shots at each other, however, is nothing new. As you can tell from all the social media posts, they've been doing this for a while.

But it goes further than just social media. Reynolds has hijacked one of Jackman's interviews before when he crashed the Eddie the Eagle junket.

And let's not forget that scene in Deadpool, when he wore a Hugh Jackman mask (for no reason).

And then Hugh Jackman did the same thing with a Ryan Reynold's mask.

There are several superhero feuds in the Marvel world, but you must admit that this one is the most entertaining one (and our personal favorite).

How long will this battle last? Where will this battle lead? Will it ever end?

Those are questions no one has the answer, but we are all dying to find out!

As to who would win in a fight between the two heroes, the answer is unknown. But one thing's for sure, they both excel in being funny!