8 Last Tweets Of Celebrities Before They Died.

8 Last Tweets Of Celebrities Before They Died. January 24, 2019

When a person passes away, family members and friends want to know the last thing the person was doing, the spirit they were in, and what the last words were, if any. This is with the hope to know that there was joy and peace before the individual left this world. More than anything, it is a comforting thought for those left behind. When a famous celebrity dies, this is no exception. Today, a large majority of actors, singers, writers, and reality TV have an active social media account. This allows them, like the rest of us to share a little more of themselves, their feelings, ideas, and questions. There are celebs who tweeted prior to their death. Some proved to be prophetic while others were serene and peaceful.The actor was one of the originals from the movie franchise, The Fast and Furious. He was in the middle of filming when he died in a freak car accident. His last tweet was a photo of him with his co-stars, promoting his upcoming movie.

Although forever known and remembered as the original Spock from Star Trek, Nimoy was a man of varied talents and passions. He was an author, songwriter, photographer, and film director. His last words on Twitter were about remembering the perfect moments in life. He signed off with his signature phrase as Spock, “Live long and prosper.”

Steenkamp was a stunning model who was dating and living with South African blade runner Oscar Pistorius. She died the night Pistorius shot her multiple times from their bedroom while she was in the bathroom. He claimed he thought it was a burglar locked in there. Steenkamp was looking forward to Valentine’s day.

Williams last social media post was a week before taking his life. He wished his daughter Zelda a happy birthday with a photo of the two of them when she was still a young child.

The lead singer of the heavy metal band Suicide Silence seems to have predicted his impending doom. He posted this photo hours before his motorcycle struck a light pole, causing him severe injuries to which he succumbed to. He is in a skeleton suit with the ominous words just before he left his home for a Halloween party.

This musician and DJ sent out a tweet just before he died of a drug overdose, showing a disillusioned man.

Rivers passed away due to complications in what was to be a simple throat procedure. Her last message to the world was a joke aiming at Beyonce and her family, showing she was never short on humour.

The famous author and civil rights activist had a social media account but didn’t use it as much. Her last words on Twitter, however, reflect her peaceful state of mind in the days just preceding her death. Her family said that she was truly at peace, not losing any of her faculties until the very end.