15 Celebrities Who Will Surprise You With Their Incredible Artistic Side.

15 Celebrities Who Will Surprise You With Their Incredible Artistic Side. March 14, 2020

When it comes to celebrities, they’re always in the news for one of two reasons. Their movie has either become a major hit at the box office, or they’ve done something bad that’s made headline news. But rarely do we get to hear the upside of their private lives. For example, did you know that some of your favorite celebrities can do a lot more than just act? It turns out that they make really good artists too. So here are some celebrities who can channel their inner Picasso or van Gogh and turn a blank canvas into one heck of a work of art.Stallone has traded his boxing gloves, or his knife and uzi, which he sported as the mercenary, “Rambo,” for a paintbrush. His abstract painting has given us a glimpse into the Italian actor’s artistic side.

It turns out that the “Hannibal” and “Silence of the Lamb” actor would rather paint unusual paintings of a creepy looking couple, and a cat that seemingly has a Cheshire cat smile, much like his character, Hannibal Lecter had.

In 2017, he released the album, Triplicate, but we’re sure he managed to draw a few paintings in between like this beautiful painting.

Despite the actor’s recent controversial woes, Franco has a lot of charisma, and has somehow managed to translate that into this drawing of a silly looking plus-sized horse who ate way too much hay.

Well, if you’re George W. Bush, the 43rd US President, you’d probably take a little time to relax and paint some interesting portraits. Who knew that the soft-spoken Texan had so much amazing talent?

In 1993, the “Charlie’s Angels,” and “Elementary” star would display her artwork under the pseudo name Yu Ling. Now, she’s proud to add to her resume her artistic side by associating all of her artwork with her name, Lucy Liu.

It’s true that Jim Carrey was awesome in films like “The Mask,” and “Ace Ventura,” but when a documentary called “I Needed Color,” hit the internet, fans discovered that he spent years painting some truly incredible work of art in his home studio.

But did you know that he loves to paint too? Depp explained why he chose to paint musician Keith Richards, “He was one of the people I admired for what he has done and how he’s handled it. Forty-whatever years of being a god. And he’s just cool.”

David Bowie would sometimes wear unusual looks that personified his awesome personality. But when it came to art, the late musician sure knew how to creep us out with these canvases full of distorted faces.

They should have also written that the singer/songwriter was a pretty amazing artist as well. Whether she was drawing neon-style artwork or self-portraits, Mitchell really had a handle on paintbrushes.

Well, guess what? Culkin is all grown up, and aside from being Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris’ godfather, he’s also got skills besides acting.

Aside from being part of the coolest rock band, aka The Beatles, he’s been knighted too. So make sure to call him sir when you critique his art painting, some of which include distorted faces like this one.

Brosnan is a pretty decent actor. How else do you explain why he took on the role of 007? But if you put a blank canvas in front of his face and give him a paintbrush, you might find him drawing a blonde dude that looks like Cartoon Network’s “Johnny Bravo.”

What does a member of the Royal family do to pass the time? He picks up a paintbrush and starts proving that he’s got some seriously mad artistic talent. We have to admit, we never imagined he had it in him to create such an impressive art piece.

But here’s one thing that Mortensen loves more than acting and that’s painting. So what goes on in the mind of a king from J.R. Tolkien’s classic novel-turned-movie? Let’s just say that it looks like something that the evil Eye of Sauron might have influenced him to paint.