Celebrity’s Huge Tip Astonishes Waitress.

Celebrity’s Huge Tip Astonishes Waitress. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There are plenty of celebrities out there that create nothing but envy in those that are a part of “normal” society. They post pictures on Instagram of their $1,000 manicures and they’re $5,000 espresso machines, even though we know they go to Starbucks every day. Their incessant spending habits are something that most people can’t even begin to understand, but luckily, there are celebrities out there that like to show off their money in a completely different way.Oddly enough, Kassandra had no clue who she was serving at the time. On November 25, 2017, Donnie Walburg had brought his son to see the Celtics vs. Pacers basketball game, and since the Celtics won, Donnie decided to stop someplace for a bite to eat in celebration.

In fact, she didn’t even realize what was going on until someone else had said something. “She was like, ‘That’s Donnie Wahlberg!’ and I was, like, ‘Awesome.’ He was in town for the game and decided to do a surprise pop-up at Waffle House, so lucky me,” said Kassandra. “I just treated him like a normal, everyday person because that is what he is. He just has a big name.”

When Donnie handed Kassandra back the check, he handed her a $1,000 tip with the instructions to give $200 to the cook and $200 to the other server. “He is the nicest person ever. Hes super sweet. Said it was the best Waffle House experience and tipped me 1,000. 600 for me 200 for my cook and 200 for my other server.. This was the greatest thing he could have ever done. Im so blessed that he did that. He just made things so much easier for me. Thank you so much Donnie Wahlburg,” wrote Kassandra on Facebook.

“I am so glad she got the $1,000 tip because she really needed it. It was perfect timing. She was struggling for a while,” said Foley in an interview with WTHR. Needless to say, Kassandra was shocked! “On a $48 check I did not think it would be that big. I almost had a heart attack, I am not going to lie. It took me completely by surprise,” Rhea said.

While Donnie was in Charlotte, North Carolina with his band, they decided to stop at a Waffle House for some breakfast. Unexpected by his visit, the crew at Waffle House was even more surprised by the $2,000 tip that he left. Just like Kassandra said, Donnie’s just out there “spreading the love.”

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