Can You Find The Cell Phone In This Photo? I Gave Up After 5 Minutes.

Can You Find The Cell Phone In This Photo? I Gave Up After 5 Minutes. July 13, 2018

Sometimes, the stories that go viral on the Internet are heartwarming and inspired. Other times, the reason they gain so much traction is because they’re tragic, heartbreaking, or shocking. And every once in awhile, a story or image goes viral just because it’s weird and fun — and that’s exactly the kind of story this is. One person posted an image, asking her friends and followers to locate the hidden cell phone in the picture. It feels like a truly impossible challenge, as the cell phone is completely hidden from view. Of course, the Internet responded in a variety of strange and hilarious ways (and yes, there was a Pokemon involved), but the answer to the puzzle took awhile for people to see. Think you have what it takes to solve this silly hidden phone search? Check out the story below — and here’s a hint: It’s not where you think it should be.We certainly can’t — but we’ve been assured that it’s there, so what gives? Is it some kind of trick?

They replied that they’d found it — well, they found A phone, but not exactly THE phone. Still no idea where the actual phone might be hidden.

It is summer 2016 after all — it wouldn’t be a hide-and-seek search unless a Pokemon was involved.

One has to wonder: Did she custom-make the case to match the carpet, or is this just some kind of bizarre coincidence. Either way, it’s what viral Internet images are made of, so we dig it.