15 DIY Cinder Block Projects… #5 Will Make Fun Memories For Your Kids.

15 DIY Cinder Block Projects… #5 Will Make Fun Memories For Your Kids. May 7, 2017

Cinder blocks are just about the most drab, uninspiring objects that exist in the world – until, of course, you figure out how to harness their powers for some awesome DIYs. As it turns out, cinder blocks can be turned into furniture, gardens, and decorations, as long as you spend some time and energy transforming them. Here are 15 awesome cinder block DIYs to get you stared – **you’ll want to put #13 in your bedroom immediately.**Spray paint a few cinder blocks and put a few boards through to create the structure of a cute sofa for your outdoor space.

Entertainment centers can be really expensive, and this affordable option actually looks amazing.

Such a great use for the holes in cinder blocks – Imagine lining your outdoor walkway with dozens of these.

Keep your veggies up and off the ground by using cinder blocks to keep your garden separate.

This is a safe and affordable way to have a conversation piece, either in the form of a coffee table or fire pit, at the center of your patio furniture.

If the cinder blocks are too hard to sit on, try adding some comfy cushions or a mat on the seat.

This looks amazing, and is surprisingly easy to build.

Not all DIYs have to be useful – this one just looks really cool. Imagine the fun you could have painting each block.

Don’t want to spend the money to build a “proper” fence? This fence looks pretty good to us – and it was built at a fraction of the price.

If your yard is on an incline, cinder blocks can serve as an excellent stairway on a budget.

Use tiles or ceramic on the sides of cinder blocks to create a decorative planter for your garden.

Stack cinder blocks to your preferred height and length and create an awesome outdoor bench.

This is brilliant, and will look totally chic in your bedroom. The best part? There’s plenty of storage on these shelves.

It looks clean and simple, and if you’re feeling really ambitions, you can paint the cinder blocks to match your room’s color scheme.

Chop, dice, and prep in the sunshine by building this awesome outdoor counter space.