Cemetery Visitor Thought Dog Was Mourning, Until She Started Digging.

Cemetery Visitor Thought Dog Was Mourning, Until She Started Digging. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The woman was walking through the cemetery when she heard a cry in the distance. She couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from, so she decided to look for it.

As she moved closer, she could hear the cry once more. When the woman finally found what was making the noise, she was surprised by what was causing it.

Dimitra, a woman who lived in Belgrade, Serbia, was the woman walking through the graveyard that day.

She was only passing by when she began to hear the sounds. Of course, she could have walked by without thinking about them again, but she was a curious sort of person.

As she approached the noise, the woman had no clue what she was going to find. As she made her way around the gravestones, the woman noticed a large hole dug under one of the stones.

When she first looked, it seemed like the hole had been dug, but still had a bit of dirt in it. It wasn’t until Dimitra moved closer that she realized that it wasn’t dirt, it was a frightened dog.

The dog must have dug the dirt out himself and laid down underneath it. When the dog saw Dimitra, it began to shrink itself smaller into the hole out of fear.

Dimitra was shocked, but she knew that many dogs would mourn their owners. But that wasn’t what was going on here.

As Dimitra began to let the whole thing sink in, she was in disbelief that a dog would go to so much trouble just to be near its owner. She thought that the scene was extremely sweet, so she decided to get some photos.

Dimitra had noticed that media outlets tend to share stories about dogs who can’t let go of their beloved owners. And the things they do to keep their memory alive is touching.

It seems that many dogs will guard their owner while they’re mourning. There was one story of a beautiful husky that laid on its owner’s grave for hours.

The dog was so consumed with grief that it could be heard crying and yelling. The dog was mourning over his loved one, and there are other stories just like it!

Dogs are unbelievably loyal and will do anything to make their owner happy.

When they lose the one person that they love, they don’t know what to do themselves anymore.

This pup sat next to its owner’s grave for two whole days after losing its owner who died in a horrific landslide in Brazil.

There’s no scientific evidence that explains how dogs mourn or feel about losing their owners, but it’s obviously clear that dogs are able to grieve for the person that they love. And the proof continuously presents itself.

There’s no denying that animals can feel attachment and sadness when the person they love passes away.

But was this dog mourning the loss of the person that took care of them. Or was there something bigger going on?

Dimitra stayed with the dog and attempted to get it to come out of the hole. After whistling and calling for it, it was clear that the dog wasn’t moving.

There was no way of telling how long the dog had been there, or if it had gotten food or water. Was the dog truly grieving for its loved one?

After a while, the dog became curious about Dimitra and came out of the hole to say hello. As soon as the dog came out, it quickly went back into the hole to check something.

Was the dog hiding something. Dimitra would find out very shortly.

As the dog moved over for Dimitra to look inside the hole, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The dog, who appeared to be mourning, was actually taking care of her babies. The mama pup had created a little cave underneath a gravestone and had her babies inside of it.

Dog moms do everything they can to make sure that their puppies are being well taken care of.

That includes breaking into abandoned buildings, stealing food out of trash cans, and apparently digging holes underneath graves.

Dimitra had a difficult time believing what she was watching.

The poor dog just wanted to take care of her babies and dug herself a hole where she thought they would be safe. Dimitra knew that she had to help this little family and she was ready to do anything she could to help.

The post from Faketoupet on Imgur, August 18, 2015, read: “You can see the den [she] created and just how compact it was.

While it wasn’t ideal, it was the best she could find.” The puppies were clearly struggling to survive, so Dimitra gave them a bit of dog food. “The puppies were very frail and were lucky to have been found,” wrote Faketoupet on Imgur.

The mama and her puppies were all starving. Dimitra couldn’t tell how long it had been since this family had food and water.

The mama wasn’t afraid of Dimitra anymore and she even allowed her to pet her. Immediately after smelling the food, the pups did everything they could to go after it, some more quickly than others.

Unfortunately, some of the pups were too weak to move. Dimitra feared that they wouldn’t survive.

She knew she needed to get help, but she couldn’t leave them by themselves, so she took out her phone to call someone that would help. Vesna Mihajloski was the recipient of that phone call, and that phone call was the beginning of the pups’ brand new lives.

There was no way that the puppies and their mama could stay in the graveyard, where they would surely starve to death.

Would Mihajloski be able to help the puppies out?

Mihajloski didn’t hesitate to take all of the dogs, and as soon as the mama knew that they were safe, she fell asleep. It was clear that the mama was exhausted.

After all, it must have been a while since she had gotten a good night’s rest. The little family finally had a safe place to rest with warm beds, clean water, and healthy food. This was just the beginning of the road to recovery for the pups.

All of the pups were given medical attention. Every one of them was in great shape, but they still needed plenty of rest and food before they were able to be adopted.

The puppies’ bellies were beginning to grow, and their fur was beginning to shine, as well. Thanks to Dimitra, the animals were going to have a chance at life.

Each of the dogs was given a name as they waited to be adopted into their forever family.

The mama dog was given the name “Mama,” which was obviously appropriate. She had done such a good job keeping her family alive and safe that it was time for her to be loved and praised.

“She was quite the lovely mother to the puppies, and it appears she is very sweet towards humans as well,” wrote Faketoupet. Mama gave birth to two girl pups who were named Grace and Eli.

She also had two boys who were named Freddie and Boomer. “I’m not sure on [Eli’s] personality, but it appears she is a sweet little girl. [Grace] is quite the stunner, in my opinion, looking quite similar to her mom.”.

“Freddie was described as a serious, gentle and kind puppy who would be good in a family.

He’s got such a sweet little face,” wrote Faketoupet, who made it a point to keep everyone updated on the family’s journey. At one point, Boomer had become ill, but thanks to Mihajloski, he was well in no time at all.

Fortunately, Mama and her pups have a happy ending to their story. Unfortunately, there are many pups out there that are never able to find a safe place to call home.

This is why it’s so important for humans that are looking for pets make the choice to adopt them from shelters instead of from breeders. Save a life and adopt a pet!

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