The 28 Most Practical Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint… I’m Trying #10.

The 28 Most Practical Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint… I’m Trying #10. April 8, 2017

Chalkboard paint has come a long way. Writing and erasing on any surface becomes possible with a few coats of the black finish. In many cases all you really need are primer, paint and chalk to transform the old to new. It’s just a matter of choosing which project to take on. Here’s 28 of our favorite ways to use chalkboard paint.This is for the ultimate organizer. Not only do you have a filing cabinet but you also know what tasks to complete during the week.

What a great way to keep the kids occupied while you cook dinner. It’s also going to get your friends talking about your ‘cool’ fridge!

Paint your lids to find your dry goods easier.

Transform that ugly crockpot into the coolest crockpot ever.

No need to keep losing your drink while socializing. Just write your name on it and keep on mingling.

Take an old photo or mirror frame and turn it in to a fun message board.

No way to miss reminders of things to do around the home.

This is a pot lid painted with black chalk. You will need the clock movement and time. Use white, acrylic paint for the numbers.

Cut out tape of what you want written and apply it on the globe. Prime all of it. Apply a couple of coats, wait till it dries. Take off the tape to reveal the words.

What a great way to inspire and motivate your family than with important messages for all to see.

Buy smooth surface placemats from a dollar store. You can use chalkboard spray paint. You will also need a white paint pen and ruler to make the lines and designs.

This is literally an old school black chalkboard placed as a headboard. All you have to do is erase and draw what you want your headboard to look like. You can always use color if you are feeling artistic.

Keep the bottle caps around and use them for a quirky, bohemian message board.

Take your used wine bottles and paint them to use as gorgeous vases. Create contrast by using different size bottles.

Your spice bottles are colorful already, so turn the rack in to a piece of art.

This is a two-in-one, a message and magnetic board. Add a pretty ribbon to the rustic look.

New at gardening? No worries, write down what you planted on your newly painted pots.

Take a risk and paint your feature wall in chalkboard. The bonus is that you will change with the seasons such as a Christmas tree in December. For the month of February, you can fill the wall with hearts.

Take black craft paper and a white paint marker to write and draw. Personalize each wrapping. You can use this year-round.

To ensure the perfect line and no bleeding of the paint, use painter’s tape to cover the white part of the mug.

These roll-ups can be used anywhere in the home for just about any message.

This will be a project to show off. Take a board that your local hardware store can cut to your desired size. Stain the board. Paint the middle in black chalkboard. Use decorative pulls and voilá you got a gorgeous serving tray to welcome those summer get-togethers!

Take your kids creativity to the next level. Paint blocks and have the little ones create their own city, however they want.

No more “what are we doing today?” The daily calendar keeps a busy household on track.

Plastic drawers never looked so pretty. Besides telling you where to find things it makes your drawer container look less industrial.

Craft stores have an assortment of wood shapes that can be spray painted in chalkboard black. Use these as gift labels.

This is way more fun than carving pumpkins and not to mention cleaner. You can change your scary display as often as you like.

The foam heads once painted in black really make for hours of fun for the kids and adults alike. It’s recommended that you use chalk markers instead of the standard chalks as the pressure can easily dent the heads.