25 Adorable Animals Eating Food Like You Do On A Cheat Day.

25 Adorable Animals Eating Food Like You Do On A Cheat Day. October 4, 2020

Let’s face it! We all love to pig out and overindulge every now and then. Heck! Some of us treat every day like it’s a cheat day. So it’s no surprise when we wind up with some unwanted junk in the trunk! But did you know that animals sometimes like to follow in our footsteps and pig out a little? Yup! They’re so similar to us in every other way, that it should come as no surprise to find out that these furry little creatures sometimes can’t say “no” to food either. Take a look at these hilarious animals who simply couldn’t help but chow down like there’s no tomorrow.Because some days, you simply need second and third breakfast, am I right?

Once she has delicious pizza, it will be hard to go back to dry boring kibble.

Seriously, have you ever seen a dog smile that big? He looks so grateful.

It doesn’t get any better than chocolate cake with frosting. Yum!

Even animals have a hard time resisting Mother Nature’s creamy treat!

But if one day you wake up to some of them missing, don’t blame your pesky next-door neighbors. There may be a pretty weird explanation for it!

It’s like a scene straight out of Disney! Whoever was taking this picture probably felt like belting out a tune or two, a la Snow White!

Looks like the photo was taken in England so that would actually be a chip.

This pic is so confusing! If no one told us that he was eating a strawberry, our minds would’ve gone down the gutter. Phew!

He’s a foodie and he’s not ashamed of it! This hamster buried himself in spaghetti and he’s not coming out until he munches on every last bit. And you know what? We can’t blame him!

Someone could’ve told this cat that his overindulging days were over. Look at his face! The betrayal is real, kitty. We feel it too!

So you may have been fired from your job, but nothing can bring you down. Why? Because there’s a big slice of pepperoni pizza waiting for you at home. Pizza will always have your back, baby!

You can coat broccoli or peas with chocolate, and kids will still know it’s a darn vegetable. They have a sixth sense!

But if you’re going to commit carbicide, at least choose something you enjoy eating so much, that you won’t regret it later on.

Just look at his eyes! It’s like he can’t believe he’s getting a huge slice!

They could always lick the spoon, or those adorable whiskers, right?

Seriously, this is so cute, we could stare all day, even if it takes him 2 hours to munch on that bad boy!

You can see that the mouth of the snail is at the bottom of its head, just below the tentacles.

Out of all the things this doggy could like, he choose broccoli! Now that’s a health conscious pup!

But you only live once, and this cat knows it! Heck! He’s even found a way to keep a nice treat near him at all times, just in case he’s craving some. Yolo!

They say too much of a good thing can be bad for you, but he seems to disagree, clearly.

How many peanuts do you think he can fit in those fat cheeks?

But you’ll probably have a hard time putting this pup in timeout if you stare directly into those adorable puppy eyes.

Well how about “sink your face, paws, and belly into milk?” If anyone ever asks if cats actually like milk, show them this pic and tell them, “I don’t know, you tell me!”

We could take a few notes from this little fellow, and start gobbling on our food as slowly as he does. Maybe that’s the secret to staying as light as a feather!