Cheating Boyfriend Gets Caught By BOTH His Girlfriends On Facebook Live.

Cheating Boyfriend Gets Caught By BOTH His Girlfriends On Facebook Live. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There is a point in every cheaters life where they get caught. No man or woman can give a real and justified explanation for being unfaithful. Whether it’s unhappiness, troubles in the relationship, or simply wanting to continue to play the field, someone always ends up getting hurt. Often times women who are in love blame the other woman for a man’s infidelity. That’s an easy and weak cop out for the cheater. Not only are you washing your hands clean of your own misdeeds but you are also allowing your second partner to take the fall and be shamed for *your* actions. Two young women discovered that their boyfriend was one of the same person. Rather than turn on each other and fight over a guy who was not worth it, they chose to join forces instead.The boyfriend had shared with the blonde girlfriend the password to his mobile phone and laptop.

Instead of making her the enemy in this love triangle, she decided to reach out.

He also had plans with two other girls planned for the next day.

The redhead decided to invite the other girlfriend over to her house.

When he rang the doorbell, the other girlfriend opened the door for him.

He was clearly shocked and speechless. It may be fair to suggest these women need to be checked for STD’s just to be safe.

“Cool, caught me fair and square,” he says. Beyond that he gave no explanation or justification for his behaviour.

POF the acronym of a dating site called Plenty of Fish.

He felt that their meeting him together and sharing the video live made them “fair and square.”

They finished their session with “got him.” We don’t know if he still kept his plans with the other two girlfriends or if he actually learned his lesson.

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