Check Out How Your Favorite Celebrities Will Look As Seniors With The FaceApp.

Check Out How Your Favorite Celebrities Will Look As Seniors With The FaceApp. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The internet community has already been blessed by face-swapping and gender-swapping filters, but a new filter is really making people look old before their time. By now, you’ve probably stumbled onto social media’s latest trend—the aging filter. Everyone seems to be trying it, even celebrities. FaceApp, a photo-editing app, is adding tons of wrinkles and white hairs to selfies that are so realistic, it’s like everyone’s literally getting a glimpse into how they’ll look in the future, and it’s not always pretty. So take a look to see what your favorite celebrities are going to look like in a couple of years.She looks more like Lady Grandma, but that’s okay. If Madonna can still look awesome at 60, then we’re sure Gaga will continue to wow us on stage with her incredible voice when she’s older. But would she consider bringing the meat suit back?

But thanks to the FaceApp, we get to see what these iconic figures would have looked like if they hadn’t left this world as abruptly as they did. Can you imagine a future where they are still alive and kicking and making music?

Common sense is telling us that it’s just a filter, but it’s difficult seeing the popular boy band looking like our late grandparents. On the other hand, they still look pretty cute, so all is forgiven.

The comedic actor may have grown a little grayer, but if this photo is any indication, he will manage to keep his impressive upper body in his golden years. This is probably how he’ll look in the future, and he’ll still be working on films.

This app might wind up scaring some celebrities, but the famous musician doesn’t have much to worry about. The aging filter added a bit of gray on his beard and on the sides of his head, but he still looks very hot.

Maybe the app took into account that Britney has hit a couple of bumps in her youth, which caused her to age like this. Nothing a skincare routine can’t fix, right?

Granted, he doesn’t look much like the Sam Smith we know today. The aging filter turned him into our grandfather. But there’s something badass about his look, almost like he’s a bad-to-the-bone biker with some bedazzling jewelry on his ear.

The former Miami Heat player still looks pretty amazing. But he’ll have to wait a couple of decades to see if he winds up losing all of his hair. Thankfully, Dwyane’s got enough money to invest in some hair plugs.

She looks like Linda Hamilton in the upcoming “Terminator” movie. After seeing what she’ll be like in a couple of years, Iggy is probably feeling a lot more confident about growing old and becoming the rapping industry’s golden girl.

She posted her boyfriend’s aging snap on her Instagram story. It’s probably a good thing that Insta-stories vanish after 24 hours. We’re sure Cole was undoubtedly counting the minutes until this photo disappeared from social media.

It’s a good thing that comedians like Jay are used to making fun of themselves because you need a good sense of humor to avoid depression after you use FaceApp’s aging filter. But honestly, this one doesn’t look too bad.

“The Matrix” star is already in his fifties and looks like he’s in his thirties, so we’re assuming that the FaceApp is showing what Keanu will probably look like when he reaches the triple digits. But he’ll always look perfect in our eyes.

But he still wrote on his Instagram that he was feeling cute. But one of his followers claimed he looked like Eddie Murphy when he took on one of his senior roles. Either way, we’re digging the older version of the singer.

She looks a bit like a reality star on one of those Desperate Housewives of something in this filtered image. But she doesn’t look bad at all. If anything, fans should look forward to knowing Taylor’s aging counterpart.

He looks more like Grandpa Bieber. Will he still manage to win everyone over with his voice when he looks like David Brinkley? Worn and wrinkly or not, the Biebs would still make an adorable grandfather.

Anyone who has ever said that stress gives you wrinkles is probably correct. Just ask Scooter over here. But we’ve seen worse. Oddly enough, the aging filter made him look a little like the host of TMZ, Harvey Levin.

We kid! We kid! Judging from this filtered image, it’s obvious to everyone that James looks good at any age, even when he looks like he’s in his sixties. Maybe he can play an aging Cyclops in a future “X-Men” film.

You can barely tell that she’s aged at all. Maybe the app recognizes her as some sort of immortal being because she really doesn’t look very old. The filter didn’t even give her a single gray hair unlike other celebs on this list.

She still looks totally emo, almost like she doesn’t have a care in the world. But her gaze is still gorgeous. However, if filtered images like this one teach us anything, it’s that time has no mercy, huh?

If this filtered photo is any indication, the two of them will continue to look good in the future. We can only hope that these two lovable guys will age as gracefully as the versions of themselves in this photo.

Although he’s looking all gray and wrinkly, the fierce determination in Obama’s eyes hasn’t faded. So, it seems like he might continue to look awesome when he’s fighting the good fight well into his senior years.

Most of us would still hit that in the future. But the actor himself will probably fight tooth and nail with plastic surgery to keep himself from aging the way his FaceApp pic suggests. So this is probably Ryan without any work done.

Alright, so maybe the FaceApp turned The Rock into a bit of a fossil, but that’s quite alright. Maybe they can bring him back to do “Baywatch 30” because he still appears to have all of his muscles from the chest down.

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