Lazy Hair Hacks That Will Make You Look Fabulous In Seconds.

Lazy Hair Hacks That Will Make You Look Fabulous In Seconds. February 22, 2019

It doesn’t matter what clothes you are wearing, the shade of lip gloss, or if you have brand new shoes on, if you are having a bad hair day, nothing helps. Women want to ensure their hair looks healthy, full of volume, and chic. We spend a great deal of time styling for it to look natural and effortless. Still, it’s unrealistic to spend our whole morning getting our tresses to look their best. This is why you need to rely on tried and true hacks that will make you look like you just stepped out of the salon.Dryer sheets prevent static on clothes, neutralizing the electricity build up. You can apply this to static hair as well. Brush your hair with the sheet stuck to the brush and see your hair get rid of all the frizz and static.

Depending on the length of your hair, you can begin braiding from the nose or the chin. Make sure you leave enough room to pull the hair back for a cool backwards braid.

Visit your local craft or art store and pick up different shades of non-oil paints. Wet the hair and rub the paint on, use a hot hair iron to set the colour in.

Make two plain strands braid. Once completed, gently pull the hair to create that fuller, bouncy look.

First put a headband on but not too close to your hairline. Tuck the back of the hair in, securing it using bobby pins.

Make two pig tails and braid them into two spirals. Wrap them around each other, using bobby pins to secure them.

Make a pony tail close to the crown of the head. Take a one inch of strand out of it to wrap it around the hair tie. Use a bobby pin underneath the pony tail to secure the hair in.

Make a high pony tail, holding up, and twisting it around itself. Grab the ends and tuck them at the bottom part of the bun. Use a bun stick to complete the look.

Place bobby pins diagonally from ear to ear. Grab the ends of the hair and roll them up until you reach the pins. Secure the hair in by applying more pins in.

Grab the middle part of your hair and put it in a pony tail. Wrap it around to make it into a bun. Use the remaining hair to make five more ponytails, tucking them all to the main, middle one. Wrap the ends around the bun.

Apply dry shampoo on the root, using your hands to rub it in, use a comb or brush to make sure the powder settles in. The powder will not only absorb the excess oil, it will also work as a styling product.

Make a high ponytail, pulling the ends and making another pony tail. Tuck the bottom pony tail in, thus making a pompadour. Secure it underneath using bobby pins.