Police Officer Gets Mistaken For Santa By Little Girl, His Response Will Give You Joy.

Police Officer Gets Mistaken For Santa By Little Girl, His Response Will Give You Joy. December 8, 2018

Children are a beautiful gift and they’re so adorable and full of innocence. They can easily find happiness even in the tiniest things or gestures. Their souls are so pure because they haven’t yet been affected by the greedy world they’ll grow up in. So in the meantime, they enjoy each and every moment of their lives and most importantly, know how to live in the present without worrying about the future. Kids are a reminder of what’s missing in today’s society. They’re genuine when most grown ups are two-faced, and they love to have fun. Speaking of fun, kids love Christmas! The twinkling Christmas lights, the anticipation of Santa’s arrival with a big old bag full of presents mean a great deal to them.The holidays bring out the best in kids and they get all excited and enthusiastic. Recently, a little girl mistook a bearded police chief for Santa Claus and the officer happily decided to go along with it.

3-year-old Kaylee Confere was eating at Shonet’s Country Cafe in West Virginia when she spotted a man who looked like Santa. The man was actually Joe Parsons, who’s a police chief. He was taken by complete surprise when a waitress came over and told him about a girl who thought of him as Santa.

The Chief from the Milton Police Department embraced the spirit of Christmas and decided to go ahead with it. The department even shared the images of this sweet encounter on its Facebook page with a caption, “When a three-year-old comes up to you during dinner and thinks you are Santa Claus, you roll with it.”

The girl immediately rushed over to the officer and told him about her wish list. The two had a beautiful conversation and through it all, the girl had a million dollar smile on her face. The department also wrote, “This beautiful young lady would like a princess Barbie for Christmas. She also now believes Santa is a policeman between Christmases. Wonderful encounter.”

It’s no secret that Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world, but of course, kids like Kaylee can’t wait to meet jolly Saint Nick every year. He’s like a freaking rock star who in this case, also carries a badge.

The department was observing the “No Shave November” and as a part of it, Joe Parsons grew a full beard that made him look like Santa. The main reason behind the “No-Shave November” is to spread awareness by letting hair that most cancer patients lose grow freely.

Regarding the adorable conversation with the little girl, Joe Parsons told her that apart from being Santa Claus, he works as a police officer during the offseason. He said, “It was certainly unexpected and it made my night.” This fantastic encounter surely became a memorable one for both the girl and the police chief.