Chinese Woman Had Abortion Only To Discover The Baby Survived And Was Adopted.

Chinese Woman Had Abortion Only To Discover The Baby Survived And Was Adopted. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

No matter what side of the fence you’re at in regards to abortions, it’s safe to say this is an issue that’s controversial at best. An 18-year-old woman had recently made the decision to abort her baby, 35 weeks into the pregnancy, only to discover that her child made it and was subsequently sold to none other than her cousin. While this story might read like a ludicrous Jerry-Springer headline, the drama and pain are extremely real.She allegedly got pregnant and was too afraid to tell anyone about it, but when she reached 35 weeks, the spilled the beans and made the tough decision to get an abortion.

When Lili arrived, she allegedly paid the customary 20 yuan, (close to $3 dollars) fee that is used to cover the cost of the procedure, and dispose of the baby. But the abortion nurse that took care of the procedure had second doubts about the effectiveness of the procedure.

She was allegedly getting ready to dispose the child in a plastic bag, when she suddenly was struck by the crying voice of a baby, coming from inside the plastic bag.

She then attached the child to oxygen, and gave him water, all while hiding him in a cupboard for reasons unknown. She may have believed she would get in trouble over the less-than-stellar procedure, but we’ll never know exactly why she didn’t call someone in charge to deal with the situation.

The nurse was allegedly overheard calling someone on the phone, asking if they wanted to purchase a baby whose gender was unknown. Allegedly, the man on the other end of that call was the nurse’s cousin, which makes this story that much eerie.

But neighbors and other villagers started to get suspicious of a baby popping out of the blue into a household who, as far as they knew, wasn’t home to any pregnant ladies. No one could understand how that baby ended up in the nurse’s household.

Lili somehow went on to find out 3 days later that her baby had indeed survived, and that somehow, he had ended up in the hands of another family who had illegally adopted him. She called the police but they were pretty hush about the whole deal.

No one seemed to know anything, and Lili grew more and more concerned that her child had been abducted. Deputy Commander Zhang, of the Hongshan District Public Security Bureau, confirmed her fears and told her that her child has most likely been abducted.

On January 08, 2014, Nurse Liang Xiaohua was finally arrested on suspicion of child abduction, and was sentenced to 2 years over the kidnapping and abduction charges of Lili’s baby.

But karma has a way of finding those who veer off the path of human decency, and finally, justice was served when Deputy Commander Zhang and other members of his staff were arrested and found guilty of obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty. Sadly, they haven’t been handed sentences yet, but soon enough, the legal system will caught up to corruption, and everyone will have to respond and explain their own doings.

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