Chinese Women Are Using Full Body Suits And Facekinis To Keep Their Skin White.

Chinese Women Are Using Full Body Suits And Facekinis To Keep Their Skin White. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Most of us want to lay out in the sun and tan, so we opt to wear some of the skimpiest outfits in order to get the best tan. But in other parts of the world, some women want to cover up more, but not necessarily for modesty. They’re doing it to stay as white as possible while at the beach.In the process of protecting fair skin, this woman ended up resembling a rooster from the neck up.

While some women only cover up their faces and necks, others choose a full body floral cover.

They look like they belong to some sort of wrestling team. Maybe they were inspired by Spider-Man.

While the facekini is mostly worn by middle-aged women, the trend is likely to go global.

Already, CR Fashion Book, a New York style magazine, published a photo shoot with the facekinis.

The facekini would be a hit if it also came in leopard print like this woman’s upper swimwear.

They look like bank robbers or aliens from a 50s B-movie.

It’s not racial! Think back to the olden days when people wore powder. It was a sign of prosperity.

Besides the masks, you can also wear bikinis with removable sleeves to keep the UV rays at bay.

Sure, tan skin can look really pretty, but can they make heads turn the way these facekinis do?

Not only can they reduce your risk of skin cancer, but can block UV rays and keep you looking young.

The masks cover the head, but your eyes and mouth are exposed, so adding a bit of color is cool.

Qingdao women not only wear these to avoid a tan, but to protect themselves from jellyfish stings.

So if you’re looking to avoid that summer tan at any cost, you might want to invest in one of these.

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