Chinning Is The Answer To Those “Perfect” Social Media Photos.

Chinning Is The Answer To Those “Perfect” Social Media Photos. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever heard of chinning? It’s the latest rage in social media photo taking. It involves someone standing in front of a beautiful landscape or building and then leaning back, exposing the chin and it looks absolutely hilarious. But there’s more to it than that. It’s not just some fad that someone’s come up with to look interesting. A passionate traveler by the name of Michelle Liu wanted to break down the walls of the conventional ill-perceived notion of perfection with the ultimate head tilt. Now, when it comes to selfies, it seems like chinning may become the latest trend across social media.Since it entertained her friends so much, she decided she’d continue her chinning tradition when she started traveling to exotic places like Paris, France.

Even in Prague, Czech Republic, she proved that you really don’t need to take yourself so serious on social media. Clearly, she’s totally comfortable in her own skin since she began traveling in September 2016.

She calls them chinfies, and with the use of a selfie stick and her iPhone, she’s been chinning all over the place, like when she visited the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

But when you’re in Amsterdam, Netherlands, you simply have to take a “dam” good chinfie no matter what. Fortunately, Michelle doesn’t mind the shocked or confused looks on people’s faces.

Michelle on the other hand is a girl who just wants to have fun in Beijing, China. But best of all, she never has to worry about wasting time using Photoshop to fix things, because she loves everything about herself.

She’s gone to all sorts of exotic places and experienced some beautiful backdrops like Acadia National Park in Maine. But she’s always looking for suggestions on where to take her chinfies next.

By combining the power of sunflower and chinning in Newbury, Massachusetts, Michelle has yet again managed to leave her followers laughing, but in a good way.

She’s also got a knack for coming up with some awesome puns when she posts chinfies of magnificent places like this church in Krakow, Poland.

Admittedly, she doesn’t always know how people will respond when she discusses what she does and why she does it. But as you can see from this chin pic taken in Glasgow, UK with a British Airways squad, everyone was on board.

Look at the Boston resident looking so patriotic in NYC! God bless Michelle Liu and her fabulous chin. Michelle’s also very gracious with her followers and loves to respond to positive comments on Instagram.

Even the iconic Eye of London can’t seem to take its eye off of Michelle. Here’s looking at you, kid! You and that chin are awesome and the world loves your chin-anigans!

There’s only the ultimate head tilt because there’s no such thing as an impeccable snapshot. Meanwhile, Liu will continue to globetrot and take chinfies in places like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna until she becomes chinsta-famous!

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