20 DIY Holiday Decorations That Are Better Than Anything You Can Buy In Stores.

20 DIY Holiday Decorations That Are Better Than Anything You Can Buy In Stores. December 1, 2018

Part of the excitement of Christmas is the weeks leading up to the special day. Preparing for the gifts and food, is just one part. Decorating the home in the Christmas spirit takes time and patience. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun. You can never have enough decorations at home. There is always room to add more. As the children grow, they will want to become more involved in the process. Sure, buying decorations is fun but it can get quite costly quickly. Plus, there is something magical about making new crafts that will get used year after year, and hopefully passed down to your own kids. The memories made with each project is part of the celebration. We have found 20 Christmas and Hannukah crafts you can make with family and friends today. You may end up making more than one project as these are to cool to choose only one.Use a large needle and thread to string through the mini pom poms.

Use a metal wire wreath and wrap it with a long and colourful scarf. You can add pins to embellish the wreath.

This is a simple Star of David made with popsicle sticks and held together with glue like Mod Podge. You can hang this star on a tree, or use it as part of the presentation at the table.

White porcelain tiles are turned into decorative coasters. Use a stencil for the design, and sponge paint the area. You can use glossy and glitter paint to create contrast.

Cover large tires with plywood cut to size. Staple the plywood to the rubber tires. Use glossy spray paint to cover the whole tire. Let it dry. Use a different colour spray to cover the stencil and let it dry. Use metal buckets and wire to complete the large ornament.

Use baker’s twine to tightly wrap around metal cookie cutters. Once the whole ornament is wrapped, make a loop to hang the final product.

Take out your old bucket of perler beads to personalized gift tags. Pinterest is a great place to find Christmas theme designs. You can also use the tags as ornaments to hang on the tree.

Use a steamer rack as the perfect base to layer multiple lengths of jewelry string to hang ornaments. You can keep the colour monochromatic or choose to go multi-colour.

Visit your local hardware store to have a wooden board cut into a circular shape. Paint 25 days with day one starting counter clockwise. Attach a clock hand to move everyday. Stencils with a large snowflake and the word “Christmas” adds the final touch.

Hot glue pre-cut felt pieces to already cleaned pinecones to create adorable owls. .

Blow up a couple of balloons. Pour Mod Podge and water in a bowl. Wrap a couple of balloons in yarn. Place the balloon in the bowl, making sure the mix gets all over. Sprinkle glitter while the mix is still moist and let it dry. Pop the balloon and pull it out. Now you have a gorgeous snowball ornament.

Pick up logs already cut in different lengths. Slice the top diagonally. Paint the top quarter in red and the bottom in white. Paint the eyes and glue a white pom pom for the nose. Use a festive ribbon to wrap the logs.

Spray paint a grapevine wreath in white. Hot glue snowflake patterns as well as blue wooden letters that read “Shalom.” Wrap a ribbon at the top for the final touch.

Purchase fake branches at your local dollar or craft store. Hot glue pom poms at each end. Once dried you can add them to the Christmas tree, put them on a mantel or place in a vase.

Cut out two large circles to make the eyes and nine more in smaller size circles to make the mouth and buttons. Use festive paper to make the snowman’s scarf. Don’t forget to cut a large triangle for the nose.

Using felt material, cut the candle branch with a base and enough room to hold the nine candles. Cut the nine candles and add a flame as well as the number of each day with the ninth or shamash having the Star of David instead of a number. Use hot glue to hold the materials together. Add a candle for everyday during Hanukkah using a small pin or tape to keep the candles attached.

You can use a spray adhesive prior to scattering sparkles all over clean and dry pinecones. Once the sparkles have dried, using a hot glue gun stick the crystal fillers on.

Use various size jars to fill them with faux snow you can find at your local craft store. Fill them with old, vintage toy cars and a couple of pine trees for a nostalgic display.

Using popsicle sticks, glue them together to create snowflake patterns. Paint them in red and attach a fishing line to hang them from the wall.

Pick up wooden dreidels at your local craft or dollar store. Coat them in glue and then cover them in gold, light, and dark blue glitter. You can place them in a glass vase for a beautiful centrepiece.