Miniature Circle Tattoos That Take Ink To The Next Level.

Miniature Circle Tattoos That Take Ink To The Next Level. February 21, 2019

Tattoos come in various shapes and sizes. They can be big, they can be small, they can be spread out or confined into a small space. Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk has mastered the art of tattoos into small confined spaces — she creates tattoos that are depicted in miniature circles. Although the space her art goes into is limited, her art style isn’t. Her tattoos come in a range of styles including urban landscapes, realistic animals, nature scenes, dot work, and so forth. Check out some of her work below, it might change your tattoo preferences.The background looks like it’s composed of puzzle pieces in various shades of blue.

Done in black and grey, this background is made out of black dotting.

This particular circle tattoo has elements expanding outside of the circle, ultimately bringing the tattoo to life.

Perhaps the bird flying over the bicycle somehow substitutes for the head.

Similar to the elephant tattoo, this one also has elements reaching out of the circle but this time on the bottom.

The colors and art style kind of remind me of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

Interesting how the entire tattoo is done in hues and tones of only blue.

There also happens to be a house on the clouds, perhaps symbolization for something else?

Again, seeing the trees reach outside of the circle brings the tattoo a little to life.

The black tones of this one gives it a very eerie look.

This one looks like something straight out of a horror story’s illustration.

The solid black makes a nice contrast to the colorful sky.

One of the more detailed ones. Adding several elements into one little circle is not easy! And this was executed so well.

One is of a starry night sky and the other is of what looks like a colorful whirlpool?

The perfect symbolization for a woman who’s always on the go, traveling around the world.

Perhaps an old fond memory for the person wearing the tattoo.

The entire sky in this one is compromised of stippling, which definitely gives the artwork a unique look.

I could look at this tattoo and already envision myself sitting on that bench watching the water swoosh by.

The unique part about this one is that she’s inside a snow globe and the kite is flying outside of it!

A powerful message in a very simplified drawing.