15 Cities To Live In If You Love Donald Trump.

15 Cities To Live In If You Love Donald Trump. May 6, 2021

Are you looking for a change of scenery? Perhaps a coastal area or a mountainous region are better suited for you. But that’s not enough, is it? You would like to find a city that’s a little friendlier to Trump supporters, because let’s face it, we all want to be surrounded by people who share our views. If you voted for Trump and you want to live in a city that supports the current president, then you’re not alone. There are tons of places across America that can offer you gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches, national parks full of like-minded individuals who won’t judge you for having voted for President Trump.Rosemary Beach is in Walton County, and if you voted for Trump, then you’ll be happy to know that 76% of the population did so as well. So, you’ll have a lot in common with your neighbors while you go bird watching, wishing, or simply chillax on the beach.

Approximately 68.4% of people in Washington County voted for Trump, so you won’t be butting heads with too many folks in this beautiful town. This leaves you more time to enjoy the things that are truly important like visiting Zion National Park on the outskirts of St. George.

Rico is in Dolores County and 75.2% of the population voted for Trump. But if you’ve never been to Colorado before then you’re in for a treat. There are natural hot springs, mountains, and it’s oh so affordable.

78.8% of residents of Sevier County voted for Trump. But the real treat comes from the amazing restaurants, the hospitality, the babbling brooks, and last but not least, the great Smoky Mountains.

60.4% of Bonneville County residents voted for Trump, but there’s more to Idaho Falls than their political stance. This beautiful city is located by the Rocky Mountains, and you’ll get to unwind near the Snake River. You can even visit Yellowstone National Park which is only two hours away by car.

78.3% of the Hancock County residents voted for Trump. So, you’ll be able to live close to people who share your political viewpoints while you get to enjoy everything this fishing town has to offer like peace and quiet. It also survived and bounced back after Hurrican Katrina, which makes Bay St. Louis a true fighter.

81.7% of voters in Pulaski County voted for Trump. You’ll be able to live close to people who share your views on the current political climate. But you can also enjoy an abundance of recreational activities by the trails surrounding Lake Cumberland, which has been dubbed the houseboat capital of America.

70.1% of Lincoln County residents voted for Trump and is perfect if you prefer small towns over big, overcrowded cities. Davenport is a gateway city to the Lake Roosevelt recreation area. So, you’ll never get bored in this cozy little town.

Wise, Virginia, is located in Wise County, where 79.7% of people here voted for Trump. The solitude in the historic old town is blissful, and it offers plenty of challenges for outdoor lovers, particularly since the Appalachian Mountains are an arms-length away.

Residents of Mohave County voted 72.9% for president Trump. Kingman also offers a great escape from the typical urban life. The city is located on the infamous Route 66 and is only two hours away from Las Vegas.

70.8% of Lassen County voted for Trump. So, if you’re feeling the urge to move to the West Coast, you should head on down to Susanville. You’ll feel the stress leave your body in a quick second the moment you lay eyes on the beautiful scenery of this town.

76.9% of Lake County residents voted for the president and if you’ve always wanted to be a cowboy then you’ve found the right spot. You’ll feel like you’re in the old west. If you’re a fan of the old game “The Oregon Trail” then you definitely have to move here and start a new life.

Bedford County voted 82.6% for Trump, and it has everything you could possibly want. There are great dining options, recreational activities like yoga and even outdoor fun activities like challenging biking and hiking trails. Needless to say, you’ll never get bored in this beautiful town.

Weatherford is located in Parker County and the residents here voted 81.8% in favor of Trump. You’ll find that this city is the living embodiment of Southern Living, but it’s not so remote that you can’t travel to nearby cities when you miss the craziness of the city.

73.4% of Dickinson County’s population voted for Trump. So, you can be as red as you want and be at peace while you enjoy the majestic views on the horizon. While it might not have all the amenities of a big city, it does have something you’ll love, which is peace and quiet.