17 DIY Projects For Clay Pots, I Didn’t Know #12 Was Even Possible… But I’m Trying It.


Construct a vertical clay pot garden.

Clay pots are a standard fixture in most gardens, and for good reason: They're durable, easy to transport, and look pretty great when they're housing your plants and flowers. However, even though the clay pot is a classic garden accessory, there are still ways to upgrade it for a fresher, more modern look. Below, we've put together 17 awesome DIY ideas for your clay pots that range from customized planters to charming, quaint bird feeders. All of these ideas are incredibly creative and will have you looking at your garden with pride in no time. #11 would look so awesome around a back porch or patio, wouldn't it?
The Horticult

Build one of these awesome topsy-turvy planter towers.

We Heart This

Turn some clay pots into an adorable lighthouse.


Customize your clay pots with stencils.

The Pretty Life Girls

Turn a stack of clay pots into an awesome wind chime.

Love to Know

Paint your clay pots with chalkboard paint so you can customize and label them.

The Robins Nest

Turn clay pots into an easy and charming bird bath.

Our Creative Life

Or, you could go that extra mile and make a more elaborate (awesome) bird bath.

Our Creative Life

Decorate your pots by using colorful fabric.

Christine Chitnis

Turn your clay pots into an awesome fountain

Flying Kitten

Use clay pots as a base for these awesome garden lights.


Turn a clay pot and its base into an awesome smoker with a lid.


DIY this awesome 20-succulent clay pot orb for your patio.


Turn a tiered clay pot into an earthy centerpiece.

At the Picket Fence

DIY a charming flowerpot feeder.

The Garden Roof Coop

Turn your door into a cute garden with this wreath made of small planters.


Have some fun and DIY these adorable clay flower pot people.