Clever Artist Fooled The Montreal Police With A Car Made Of Snow.

Clever Artist Fooled The Montreal Police With A Car Made Of Snow. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Not everyone in the world gets to enjoy the snow. That’s why if you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where it does snow, you have to take advantage of it! Play with it, interact with it, immerse yourself in it and best of all: create with it. That’s what Simon Laprise did and he took it to the next level. Most people build snowmen or sometimes even snow castles when they want to construct something out of the icy white powder. Laprise, on the other hand, decided to build a real life-sized automobile that made for one of the best pranks this winter.You make the most out of it as you possibly can. And apparently in this situation, that means you sculpt a car that makes for the ultimate prank ever.

The masterpiece was crafted by 33-year old Simon Laprise, who is both a machinist and an artist (in other words, the perfect combo for this type of prank).

He built a replica of a DeLorean DMC-12, a car model you might recognize from the movie “Back to the Future.”

He made it seem like it was the only part of the car that didn’t get covered in snow. But little did others know, it was the only real part of the car.

His masterpiece took a grand total of 4 hours to make. After he was done with his creation, the police drove by around 1 in the morning.

One particular cop pulled over when he noticed the automobile on an empty street. The lone officer even had a ticket book in hand, ready to write up a citation.

Entertained by the joke, the officer left a ticket on the car with a special note that said, “You made our night!! Hahahahaha :).”

It was a piece of art that was never intended to last long but how awesome would it have been if the snow removal crew just removed the snow around it? The snow would have melted eventually.

Laprise confessed to Radio Canada that this actually wasn’t the first time he’s built a car out of snow.

“I intend to continue doing so,” Laprise said. “It’s fun, it’s free and [the snow] keeps its form.” So if you’re in the Montreal area, keep an eye out for one of his snow originals.

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