This Muggle Built A ‘Harry Potter’ Clock, And It’s Hiding A Magical Secret.

This Muggle Built A ‘Harry Potter’ Clock, And It’s Hiding A Magical Secret. April 13, 2018

Every *Harry Potter* fan is familiar with all of the charming, whimsical details of the story: It’s not just about the characters, but the magical, dreams-do-come-true world that they live in. One of the coolest things in the Weasley household is the Weasley Family Clock. It shows where all of the Weasley family members are at any given time, and it is pure magic. One creative DIY’er decided to make his own. Created for his wife’s birthday, this guy turned an old, thrifted color into something that would look at home in one of JK Rowling’s scenes. See how he did it below.

“This was the most painful, because I built it once for iPad and then had to re-do for Kindle. But, the concept was that I found an antique clock image on the internet, and cleaned off the face of it. Then I made 2 smaller copies. The large top clock face, I then labelled different positions for our different locations. I made separate transparent images of the same size that had the label only in bright white. They are used to light up a location. The small clock face on the bottom left, I re-purposed to, well, an actual clock face again, but with the same font that I had chosen. The small clock on the bottom right, I turned into a weather indicator for both our primary and our vacation home.”