Clothing Designer Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Comical.

Clothing Designer Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Comical. May 14, 2020

No one said designing clothes was easy, which is why most of us leave it to the professionals. But every now and then, a less-than-impressive wardrobe line makes it out of the factory and ends up at a store somewhere. However, when you take a look at this collection of wardrobe mistakes, you’ll be left wondering why the designer didn’t ask someone for some input before these designs hit the store. Obviously, you’re not going to please everyone, but some of these fails are so bad that they’re practically a joke. As a matter of fact, most of us would buy these clothes just to make fun of them. So hopefully this collection of fashion design fails will remind you to try things on first and get someone’s opinion before you buy anything.This bride walked down the aisle and everyone was probably gasping, but it wasn’t necessarily because she looked amazing. If you pay close attention to the backside, you’ll notice that it seems like the bride is pooping chiffon. Ouch!

Their Olympic uniforms have the worst color choices ever around the crotch area. It’s almost as if the designer intended to have everyone’s eyes focus down there. In fact, it so bad that the camera crew probably tried to shy away from full frontal shots.

You may have noticed that the front of the shirt has a couple of pineapple prints, but on the top, it shows the word “watermelon” in beautiful pink neon color. This is one of those situations where you’re like “you had one job to do and you messed it up!”

This shirt has two pockets on each side that are so inappropriate. They essentially look like she’s not wearing any clothes. This news anchor would like to report that she wants whoever is in charge of her wardrobe to get fired immediately.

You’d probably feel quite a draft in these jeans. They’re certainly not the kind of thing you’d wear in the winter. But you probably wouldn’t want to wear them anywhere else either, unless you’re looking to attract a lot of attention.

Have you ever head of going so far up someone’s behind? Well, this designer sure didn’t.

The designer placed the faces upside down, so this guy ended up looking down at two monstrosities that he didn’t even recognize.

Straight guys tend to have a lot of pride when it comes to their manliness. So we doubt that some guys would want to walk around wearing socks that suggest that they’re anything less than a macho man. Maybe he should consider walking around in his bare feet?

The designer probably didn’t intend to turn this into a countdown shirt, but it ended up becoming one anyway after they spelled out the number thirteen but added the number 12 right below it.

It feels like the designer wanted something to represent speed, but since lightning has been used by a lot of other brands, they probably figured that no one else would consider going for this one. These better be top quality running shoes because whoever wears them is putting their reputation on the line.

Think about it! Do you really want to wear shorts that look like you’ve got brown stains on them? This poor lady is walking around the supermarket aisle without realizing just how awful those tie-die shorts are.

The designer distracted us with an adorable puppy on each leg. They look so cute that we ignore the fact that these pants make the wearer look like Chewbacca. But focus on the crotch area where the ears of the two puppies meet and your jaw might drop.

Everyone starts avoiding you like the plague, and who could blame them? You might see a pretty flower, but all they see is blood in your nether region. Of course, you’d never be that careless. It’s the design itself that’ll make you wish you had stayed home.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be caught out in public wearing this. No one will believe that you love Beijing, but they will believe you love something else. You might even get a couple of propositions and they won’t be for marriage.

Take it however you want. It looks like an adult choking the life out of someone while a little boy watches, or it suggests a certain type of innuendo that would get someone banned from the wrestling ring.

It’s like a brain teaser. We believe they meant to say: “I don’t know what I want! But… I want it so bad!” Maybe the designer wanted it to be a puzzle so that customers would buy it and collectively try to figure out the meaning in the jumble of words.

The producers of this morning show should have taken a closer look before allowing this person to go out with a jacket that covered the letters on the shirt. It’s funny how this changed the meaning to something that’s not safe to put on television.

This was actually taken from the news in Sweden. The word “Turd” probably has a different meaning there, or maybe the jacket is not letting us see the entire word. Either way, our hearts go out to poor Sara.

Anyone reading this would be asking: “You want us to do what to her? Are you kidding? We don’t even know her name!” But it’s good to know that whoever wears this is there to make you happy whether the team wins or loses.

This baby onesie has a downright disturbing message. Just the fact that it has the word “die” in it is enough to make you want to leave it on the rack. But then you read it carefully and you realize they were using the word foodie, which makes a lot more sense.