Girl Who Hasn’t Spoken In THREE YEARS Finally Broke Her Silence. Here’s Why…

Girl Who Hasn’t Spoken In THREE YEARS Finally Broke Her Silence. Here’s Why… May 12, 2018

On the outside, Coco looks like a perfectly normal five-year-old girl: Cheery, vibrant, and full of life. With bright blonde hair and a winning smile, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this little girl is coping with autism — but now, she’s making more progress with her condition than ever. She began speaking at age two, but like many autistic children, she stopped talking entirely shortly after. For three years, she was totally silent — until now, that is. See more of Coco’s story (and learn about her path to living a more normal life) below.She started speaking when she was two, but then stopped for the next three years.

Coco broke her silence by asking for her favorite snack: Toast.

“It was a really magical moment,” her mom Rachel said in an interview. “It was the first thing she has said in three years.”

‘She looked so pleased with herself and was jumping up and down and just kept saying ”I want more toast”,’ her mom said.

Coco has 4 siblings: Bianca, Chelsea, Elle, and Oakley. All of them are

Despite her difference, her energy is a huge part of the family dynamic.

“Coco was talking at 26 months but did not get to more than two-word sentences,” her mom said. “But then she gradually stopped talking and making eye contact and didn’t even respond to her name. You could tell she was just so frustrated. We tried a speech therapist but the last two years have been horrendous. You could tell angry she was becoming with herself.”

After just 6 months of her therapy, Coco is making great progress.

Everyone wants to see what kind of progress she’ll make.

Kids with autism can make unbelievable progress with the right doctors and support.

Her therapy was possible after Coco’s family carried out a fundraising campaign in which they raised almost $30,000.

Not to mention that she looks happier than ever.

And especially the littlest Bradford family member, Coco.