College Student Receives Unexpected Gift After Losing His Dad To Cancer.

College Student Receives Unexpected Gift After Losing His Dad To Cancer. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Losing someone that you care about is never an easy thing to go through. In the beginning, you feel their absence every second of the day. You feel like you’re never going to be able to move on, and then one day, you think about them a little less. As more time passes, you find it easier to go a few days without crying. Eventually, you’re able to move on, but their memory is always there. Keep reading to find out the story of a young man who received a gift from a loved one from up above.Unfortunately, when Connor was in high school, he lost his father to cancer. But while his father was going through treatment they tried to make the best out of a scary situation.

While on his walks, Connor’s dad would sometimes find little souvenirs in the form of…rubber ducks! “For some reason, my dad would find these rubber ducks in the gutter or on the sidewalk or whatever and bring them home,” said Connor.

The ducks would prove to be more than just a bit of plastic. They would be used as good luck charms when his dad would go to doctor’s appointments. His dad would also hide them around the house to surprise Connor’s mom with a good laugh.

It was time for Connor to go to college, so he packed up the ducks with him. But for some reason, Connor could only find two of the ducks. He assumed that his mother must have had the third one, until a few years later while he was driving his mother’s car.

Connor’s mom would often take his dad to his chemotherapy appointments, so he must have hid the duck in there to give himself a little laugh after the appointment was done. Connor posted a picture of the duck on Twitter along with the caption, “Dad you genius jerk.”

People from all over began commenting on the picture and sending Connor their love. He was completely taken aback by all the attention he received. What a beautiful, yet silly, way to remember his father!

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