Change Your Hair Color Using These Easy Technique

Change Your Hair Color Using These Easy Technique November 17, 2017

Hair color can completely transform your look and allow you to experiment a little with your hair. And like it’s said, life is too short for boring hair. If you want to give a pop color to your hair, you can use Kool-Aid, which is fun and easy way to dye your hair temporarily. Here is an easy tutorial to do that.Hair dye stays on hair that is not to dry or too damp. So It is advised to wash your hair a day before dying it.

Make sure that your hair has no tangles in it, so each and every stand of hair gets the right shade of the color.

Empty two packets of Koo-Aid and 2 cups of water and warm the mixture in stove. For light color increase the water or for vibrant color, increase the quantity of the Kool-Aid.

After boiling the mixture, remove it from the head and pour some of the mixture in a bowl or cup. Dip the tips of your hair in the color. For light hair, 5 minutes are enough, for thick hair, leave the tips in the mixture for 10 minutes.

Now dry your hair by patting it with a towel or cloth, you don’t mind staining. Don’t rub it off; just pat your hair until they’re dry.

Before washing the hair, let the color completely dry. Make sure you rinse your hair promptly, since the mixture contains sugar and your hair might attract bugs. Enjoy your new look after drying!

If you’re in love with your new look, you might want to keep it. To make the color stay, you should wash your hair less often. The color fades depending on how often you wash your hair.

To be sure that you don’t completely was off the color, you can switch to color safe shampoos. They are especially made for color treating hair and prevent the color from fading.

Hair gets dry and rough due to sunlight. And prolonged exposure of the colored hair to sunlight can make it fade more quickly. So avoid exposing your hair to the sun and use sun protection serums to avoid the damage.

After the dye starts fading, it starts looking a little unattractive on hair. So it is better to remove it instantly after it starts to fade off. The first and most obvious way is to wash it plenty of times.

Boil a bowl of water enough to submerge your dyed hair. Add baking soda to the water once it starts boiling and remove it from the heat. Cautiously, dip the colored part of your hair in the mixture, avoiding contact with other areas. The water will make a fizzing sound and within a minute most of the color will be washed away.

Before showing, apply some water mixed with vinegar on your hair and let it stay for some time before washing it. The color will be removed.

Kool-Aid is not advised for getting a full hair color. For a professional look, go to a beautician or someone with experience for dying your hair. The color will stay longer and it will leave your hair shinier than ever.

Dyed tips look really attractive when they’re done right. Just chose the right color that suits you and get the perfect shade for your hair.

Neon colors give a very bold look to your hair and are a perfect choice for temporary hair color. All kinds of vibrant hair color including, pink, blue, turquoise and purple are available in the market.