16 Insanely Clever Celebrity Comebacks. Is #8 Even Real?!

16 Insanely Clever Celebrity Comebacks. Is #8 Even Real?! October 1, 2017

Don’t you love it when people make great comebacks at rude and nosey social media-users? Firstly they hide behind their screens then they try to be snappy and force their ideals on people. Luckily these famous faces know how to shut them down.You just can’t shake her like that, man.

This here is the prime example why James Blunt is repeatedly included in this list.

That person who said that really need to work on his or her dissing skills.

Real smooth, Gabourey.

You should not mess with companies that did its research.

Taco Bell proves they’re spicier than Old Spice.

She should have read the news, seriously.

You should never mess with people who have money.

Now that is a funny comedian.

That is a first-class comeback right there.

How can you argue with that much money?

Not even the original Playboy calls them with the b-word. What’s your excuse?

You cannot win against James Blunt, not like this.

He probably meant well, right?

Of course she knows; she’s doing the world a favor.

They keep coming at him and he keeps hitting them away!