15 Lies That Everybody Has Told Before.

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"That Sounds Familiar"

We've all told a white lie from time to time, and honestly, we've done so with a clean conscious...for the most part. But there are a few lies that we're all guilty of telling more than we'd like to admit. Keep reading to discover the top 15 most commonly told lies, and maybe you'll realize that you should be doing a bit more truth-telling in your daily life.For some reason, humans have a difficult time admitting that they don't know someone, or they haven't of that fresh new band, and that's why we use this phrase so often. But it does help us to feel connected to the person we're talking to, so maybe it's a good thing to use this lie? Who knows?

"This Is The Best Gift Ever"

It's important to be polite any time someone gets you a gift, but sometimes it can be hard to hide your true feelings. And that is when this lie comes into play. Instead of admitting you don't like something, say you like it and regift it. Problem solved!
Les Anderson

"I'll Just Have One"

It's easy to tell ourselves that we'll "just have one" French fry or one drink, but we all know how easy it is to have way more than one. If telling yourself that you're only having one makes you feel better about yourself, then you just keep doing it.

"This Is Delicious"

It's always important to be polite when you eat someone else's cooking, which is why this lie is so common. You're not really going to tell someone that their food tastes like garbage, so you can just stick to telling this small white lie.
Alexa Suter

"I Was Just Kidding"

Have you ever had one of those moments when you've said something that you shouldn't have and you covered it up with a "just kidding?" Yeah, well, we all have. It's easy for our mouths to get us into a pickle, and this lie is the best and easiest way to get out of it.
Max Khokhlov / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

"I Didn't Mean To"

We've all done something that we "didn't mean" to do before, but that's no reason to lie about it. You may not have "meant to" look at your boyfriend's emails or run the stoplight, but you did, so apologize for it and move on.
Pedro Ribeiro Simões / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

"I Didn't Get Your Text"

Avoiding people is necessary at times, which is why this lie is so commonly used. It's much nicer and more accepted to tell someone that you didn't get their text, rather than tell them you just didn't feel like talking to them.

"I'm Too Tired"

We've all used this excuse before to get out of an engagement or to avoid doing something undesirable, but we all know it's a lie. If you're too tired to grab a bite to eat, but you surf the internet until four in the morning, how tired are you really?
smile_kerry / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

"We Need To Catch Up"

Any time you run into someone that you haven't seen or even thought about in years, you feel the need to say "we need to catch up." We all know that nobody actually has the intention of "catching up," so maybe we should all just stop pretending?
Alicia Steels

"I Was Going To Say That"

We all want to seem witty and intelligent while we're in a conversation with someone, but this lie just seems unnecessary. Everyone knows you weren't going to say that, you just couldn't come up with something quick enough.
Fred Mouniguet

"I'll Be There In Five Minutes"

When you're running late, this is the easiest thing to tell the person who's waiting on you. After all, who wants to tell someone that they're still 30 miles away when dinner was supposed to start 10 minutes ago?
Alexandre Boucher

"I'll Do It Later"

This is not only one of the biggest lies we tell other people, but it's also one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. You may tell yourself that you're going to fold that laundry later, but what you really mean is that you're going to watch Netflix until you fall asleep...later.
Toa Heftiba

"It Was Here A Second Ago"

These words are sure to leave a person's mouth anytime they lose something. But, if you just saw it there a second ago, wouldn't it still be there? More than likely it was there a second ago, three days ago, and you have some searching to do.
Howcast / YouTube

"I'm Humbled"

First off, humbled people don't need to tell people that they're humbled because that's literally what being humble means. If someone feels the need to remind people that they're humbled, then they clearly just need some attention.
Brooke Cagle

"I'm Busy That Weekend"

There are times when you simply don't want to do something or spend some time with a particular person, and using this lie is the easiest way to get out of it. No one's really going to check up on your schedule, and if they do, then you probably made the right decision by not going with them anyways.
Alexis Brown