Concerned Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera, What They Babysitter Did… OMG.

Concerned Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera, What They Babysitter Did… OMG. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Finding someone to care for your child is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do. For many, the idea of leaving their child with a stranger is out of the question. Others just can’t seem to find a trustworthy candidate. In fact, over 50 percent of the parents surveyed in a Red Cross poll cited this as their reason for deciding to stay home. In general, parents feel more at ease leaving their kids with people they already know. That’s why 83 percent of parents rely on adult relatives and 48 percent look to friends as caretakers. While children can bring great joy to a family, the responsibility of the child can be a source of tension. The same poll revealed that eight in ten parents look to adult relatives and 48 percent look to adult friends for help. While this shared sense of responsibility can be a source of tension for even the best relationships, the risk of putting your child in the hands of an unreliable or unsafe individual is far worse to many. Unfortunately, these fears do not just spring from imagination. Bad babysitting sessions have led to physical injuries, emotional trauma, and even death. In recent news, a mother from Lexington, Kentucky, caught her nanny physically abusing her four-year-old son, Luke, who lives with Down Syndrome, among other conditions. Continue reading to learn more.It doesn’t matter if the parent is overprotective or easygoing, it’s a scary decision. Parents also look for babysitters that are knowledgable in first aid and CPR and for those that have experience, which can further whittle down the list of possible candidates.

Security cameras are sometimes used to monitor pets and housekeepers or to spy on significant others. When it comes to babysitting, security cameras are often referred to as “nanny cams.”

Here are some of the basics. You are allowed to install a nanny cam in any of the 50 states and you are not required to let them know about it. However, the bathroom, live-in bedroom, and other private areas are off limits.

In addition to Down Syndrome, Luke also suffers from heart defects and epilepsy. The young boy needs constant care.

White began watching Luke one day a week this past June. Over time, the family noticed some behavioral changes in him so they decided to investigate.

When all of that changed, they were right to suspect that something was wrong.

You’ll see in the video below that it was no game. She appeared to be angry at the child, and she had no reservations using force and expletives.

White now faces a second degree criminal abuse charge. She was arrested at her place of employment and has pleaded “not guilty.” She has since been bonded out of jail, local news sources reported.

**Click below to watch footage captured by the nanny cam.**

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