White Man Robbed Banks Disguised As A Black Man, And It Was Almost Perfect.

White Man Robbed Banks Disguised As A Black Man, And It Was Almost Perfect. March 7, 2019

When you are thinking about robbing a bank, or several, you have to come up with a fool proof plan. That is the single most important part of pulling off a heist like that. Planning is everything and some do it better than others. Conrad Zdzierak wanted to commit such crimes so he came up with a plan. It was a pretty good one and it almost helped him get away with the crimes. It was so good in fact that police everywhere are now worried that this could be done again in the future. You won’t believe how Conrad almost got away with it.Conrad Zdzierak robbed four banks in Ohio within three hours. Thanks to his plan, he almost got away with it.

He bought a silicone mask from a California costume company. It was of a black man that looked like real flesh and muscle.

Conrad was completely unrecognizable when he pulled off the robberies. He was so convincing as a black man that a woman actually thought it was her son when she saw the footage on the news.

Conrad was eventually caught and the community was stunned when they found out who committed the crimes. It wasn’t a black man after all, it was this white man.

The costume that Conrad wore was the type worn on movie sets. They are designed to look completely real.

A lot of work is put into creating them so they look as real as possible. In this case it worked to perfection… almost.

When the robberies were pulled off Conrad didn’t care about cameras. When he looked like this why should he?

Nobody thought the man on the right could be the man on the left. Even the police were shocked when they figured it out.

Conrad wanted to change the way he looked when committing the crimes. As you can see, he was pretty successful in doing so.

A black mom saw this on the news and actually thought that it was her own son.

He looks a little suspicious right here as he waits for his turn to approach the counter. Anyone wearing a hoodie is bound to get attention.

Nothing looked out of place though as he approached counter. He looked like a regular black man about to carry out some bank business.

This looks like just a regular transaction. In a moment that would change though.

What everyone thought was a black man, reached over and robbed the cashier. Police used the footage to search for a black man.

In the end Conrad wasn’t able to get away with the crimes and was caught. You have to give him an A for effort though. It was a very well thought out disguise.