10 Most Conservative Cities In America.

10 Most Conservative Cities In America. May 6, 2021

Not every city in America offers a safe haven for conservatives to express their personal and political views without some clapback. Fortunately, there are 10 cities that have the highest population of Republicans. So, if you want to live in the company of like-minded neighbors, then you should seriously consider moving to one of these cities which are unique in their own way.Of the 329,283 people in Scottsdale, 47.7% are Republicans. There are tons of buzzing hotels, ritzy night clubs, and expensive restaurants in Scottsdale. You can also enjoy the art galleries, fine resorts, shopping center, and upscale lifestyle.

Of the 190,501 people in Huntsville, 54.8% are Republicans. Asides from being pretty red, the beautiful city of Huntsville is the home of the United States Space and Rocket Center, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command. So, it’s perfect for conservatives who are fascinated with outer space.

Of the 126,476 people living in Lafayette, 64.6% are Republican. It’s also the fourth largest city in the state and is full of hard-working people. Aside from its deeply conservative views, Lafayette is known for its delicious Cajun cuisine such as jambalaya.

Of the 109,608 people in The Woodlands, 73% are Republicans. Asides from expressing your political inclinations freely, you’d be able to enjoy the public art displays located in the Fountains at Waterway Square, where various high-rises and restaurants are located. The tons of businesses undoubtedly explain the low 3.2% unemployment rate.

Of the 102,561 people in Tyler, 69.5% are Republicans. Tyler is a city that’s known for being the region’s primary financial, medical, cultural and economic source. It also once reportedly supplied the nation with more than half of the commercial rose bushes.

Of the 184,465 people in Knoxville, 58.5% are Republicans. Knoxville has tons of lakes, and the Smoky Mountains are only a hop, skip, and a jump away. And while the people are pretty conservative, they are also quite friendly and willing to help out a fellow neighbor in a pinch.

Of the 176,291 people in Chattanooga, 55.3% are Republicans. But aside from good old Southern charm and good ole Southern cooking, you’ll also get to enjoy the challenging hiking trails near the Ocoee River, where you can even whitewater raft. It also has all the amenities of a larger city without all the mayhem and foolishness.

Of the 155,363 people in Frisco, 55.2% are Republicans. The conservative folks here are easy going, so you can enjoy areas like Frisco Square, the theater, library, and a diverse number of casual and formal restaurants without a concern in the world. Many locals enjoy watching a baseball game at Dr. Pepper Ball Park, which recognized for being one of the best ballparks in Minor League Baseball.

Of the 131,240 people in Carrollton, 57.1% are Republicans. Asides from being pretty conservative, there are tons of things to see and do like visiting the Nob Hill Greenbelt Park, the Elm Fork Nature Preserve. It’s perfect for nature enthusiasts, regardless of whether your heart is red or blue.

Of the 126,188 people in Murfreesboro, 60% are Republicans. But if you’re a historical nut, then you’ll want to visit the Stones River Battlefield, which is a National Park and a Civil War monument.