Construction Worker Plays A Life-Sized Game Of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ With Sick Kids.

Construction Worker Plays A Life-Sized Game Of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ With Sick Kids. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It definitely feels like Christmas in July, at least at the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana. Construction foreman and artist Jason Haney has created an 8-foot tall Waldo from the *Where’s Wally?* series, and children are loving the challenge. When they peek outside the windows of their rooms or play areas, they search for his distinctive red and white striped T-shirt.

Waldo is moved to a different place each day, and once they’ve found him, they point and share their discovery with excitement. “I just wanted to make kids smile and make them feel better,” Haney told CNN. Although it doesn’t look like Waldo is leaving anytime soon, Haney plans on introducing four construction Minions, the yellow servants from the popular animation film *Despicable Me.* A public Facebook group has been created to share the latest updates and clues for where to find Waldo. Over 2,000 members have joined, many of them thanking Haney for his efforts.It’s tough enough being in a hospital, especially as a kid, and construction sites hardly make for an exciting view. The project is scheduled for completion sometime in 2017.

With his mother, the young patient spends a few moments each day looking for a life-sized Waldo.

Every day, the 8-foot-figure is moved to a different location.

Haney is a construction foreman and artist.

He was working on site when he decided to build a life-size Waldo to give the children a reason to smile.

Heidi Prescott, the Beacon Health System spokeswoman, told ABC that the idea started with an inflatable snowman. “He put it on the site to give the kids something to look at.” That’s when a co-worker commented that it would be “cool” to have a Waldo.

He is about 8 feet tall and nearly 60 pounds.

It’s wonderful to see folks going above and beyond their job descriptions so that others can have sunnier days.

Hundreds of people have commented and shared the story on Facebook.

Parents of patients expressed their gratitude towards Mr. Haney for his heartfelt efforts.

Haney has responded to viewers and reporters with the utmost humility.

In an interview with CNN, he shared “Seeing the kids’ reactions even for a little bit and knowing that for that brief moment they’re not concerned with what’s going on makes it all worth it.”.

Haney and his team continue to hide Waldo every day, posting clues for their Facebook group whenever possible.

It looks like four Minions from Despicable Me will be joining Wally very soon.

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