Construction Worker’s Note To Little Girl Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today.

Construction Worker’s Note To Little Girl Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most hospitals strive to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible — after all, people only visit hospitals in their darkest hours, so making the facilities as nice as they can be is of the utmost importance. Children’s hospitals take this even more seriously: The thought of any child being sick enough to be in a hospital is disheartening, so the staff and facilities for children in need take extra care to make them feel at home. And sometimes, this kindness extends beyond the hospital staff — just wait until you read this story. After being waved to by a little girl in a hospital window, one team of construction workers decided to do something amazing. Read about how they spotted her, why it was so important, and what they did to make this brave little girl feel special in the story below. The details will warm your heart — especially when you consider that all of this random kindness started with a simple wave hello.It’s taken dozens of construction workers and designers months to set this project in motion, and the site is visible from another part of the facilities.

She wanted to figure out a way to let the construction workers know that they were appreciated.

She sat at the window every day, waving to the construction workers outside, hoping they’d see her and wave back.

Eventually, they saw her and her dream of them waving back came true. Naturally, Vivian was delighted.

Her little mission of sitting in front of the window each day was a way to keep her mind off of her chemotherapy treatments.

Each day is a battle, but her mom is certain that Vivian will survive the ordeal, as the little girl is much stronger than she looks.

That’s when they saw some thing amazing.

They pointed Vivian’s vision to this specific area of their construction, directing her to a sign which read “get well soon.”

The workers wanted Vivian to know just how much they appreciate her waves, and how much they are inspired by her bravery.

Vivian is a tough little girl, but it’s nice to know she’s got a team of tough guys that are rooting for her to pull through.

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