Cat-Friendly Company Gives Employees Bonuses For Adopting Kittens.

Cat-Friendly Company Gives Employees Bonuses For Adopting Kittens. June 6, 2019

Cats are like these tiny little furballs who are longing for someone to love them back, but of course, not everyone’s a cat lover. At any rate, there are more felines roaming around the planet than there are people willing to take care of them. But a company in Japan is giving their employees an incentive to rescue a potential feline friend for life. As a result, if they rescue a kitty, the company will fill their pockets with money. It might not be a whole lot of money, but when you’re talking about getting love plus cash, who could say no to that?It has adopted several rescue cats who are seemingly taking over the office like a bunch of feline zombies, but their bites and scratches aren’t contagious. Their love, however, is very catchy.

It’s not easy having your butt stuck in a chair for hours on end banging away at your keyboard. But imagine if you could minimize your stress level through the love of these feline friends?

To that end, they encourage their employees to get more involved in rescuing and adopting these cats by them a bonus for each kitty they save.

So unfortunately, many employees are unable to own a pet because of the long hours they work and the restrictions that their landlords impose on them. But fortunately, this company offers them the ultimate solution.

They essentially have free range, which is great because it allows them to provide their stress relieving benefits to everyone in the company, even if someone’s balling their eyes out in the restroom from stress.

There are currently only nine office cats, and each of them have a unique personality, which provides a positive benefit to all the people that work at this otherwise hectic workplace.

But the employees have seen a positive impact on their productivity, not to mention their morale since these office cats made their appearance.

So essentially, every day is “Bring Your Pet To Work” day, but kids on the other hand remain debatable, because these kitties are a handful.

Can you imagine? You get to see your net worth, gross earnings, taxes, and of course, your cat bonus of 5,000 yen, which is about $45 USD.

There are eyes everywhere from kitties who are supervising from up above and down below to make sure everyone is being productive.

Hidenobu Fukuda, the supervisor at Ferray, says that among the many qualifications required for new hires, a love for felines is on the top of his list.

They allegedly help to strengthen team spirit and alleviate stress among the employees, making work feel a lot less like a major drag.

Slowly but surely, these cats are taking over Japan’s workforce and helping everyone’s anxiety and stress to go down. Why, they even lead important meetings in the conference room.

At the very least, we deserve a break now and then, but when these employees forget to give themselves a short recess, these cats will remind them that by demanding that they be given some TLC and lots of petting.

They provide comfort and create positive vibes where creativity and inspiration can thrive. On occasion they might lend a helping paw.

The symbiotic relationship between feline and human in Tokyo is clearly reaching levels that are simply adorable and oh sooo purrr-fect!