You’ll Think It’s A Trick… But These 37 Photos Are TOTALLY Real.

You’ll Think It’s A Trick… But These 37 Photos Are TOTALLY Real. February 11, 2017

On the Internet, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a product of someone’s information: Is this a fact, or a Tweet? Is this a true story, or a stylized status? Is this a photograph, or simply a product of hours worth of Photoshop? We can’t answer all the questions for you, but we can say that the photos below are real, beyond a shadow of a doubt. From modern marvels, to world wonders, to unbelievable before-and-afters, these are 100% authentic and 100% amazing. The lake in Poland is just **amazing**.Fifteen ships were deliberately sunken here to create a breakaway for small boats, making this an excellent spot for sightseeing and diving. You can even simply swim up to the wrecks to take a look!

Twenty years ago, this mall in Bangkok, Thailand was left to fall into disrepair. After the empty building flooded, many fish found their homes there. The mall existed like this until recently, when efforts were made to begin setting the fish free.

Horses can swim quite well, actually.

These ground squirrels (native to Borneo) got their nicknames due to the fact that they apparently have a taste for blood. They also have huge tales, more than twice the volume of any other mammal of its size.

This might look like four separate images, but it’s really a trick of photography: The objects were set up in a way to look separate, but are actually all part of one image.

The upper image is what researchers imagine Henry Hudson would have seen as he sailed into the New York Harbor in 1609.

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, this building in Australia is now part of the University of Technology in Sydney. It has been described as “the most beautiful squashed brown paper bag ever seen.”

It might look like it’s part of an aquatic research center, but this pool is actually a feature of an Italian spa complex. It’s a 138 feet deep, which is roughly the equivalent of a 13-story building.

Though it looks like a drawing, it is actually a sculpture made of welded steel.

These are lenticular clouds. They form high in the atmosphere over mountains, and they are odd enough to have some people calling their local news with UFO sightings.

Food can be really beautiful.

A train crashed through the wall at Montparnasse Station, at Place de Rennes in Paris, France, 1895.

In this photo, a sea turtle is being pushed through the water with a little bit of help from a jellyfish.

This is a street installation in Agueda, Portugal.

This flock of galahs gathered together to drink water at the base of the tree in Strzelecki Desert, Australia.

These Lego contraptions allow scientists to go about the delicate work of examining insects: The lego structure can be moved around without harming the creature inside.

Another marvel in Dubai; This on is on top of the Burj Al Arab.

This takes all the grunt work out of laying bricks.

It’s real, someone lives there, and you’re wishing it was you right now.

The only thing that could make the Easter Island heads more magnificent is the presence of the Milky Way.

This lake in Pomerania, Poland is photographed from above, surrounded by autumn trees.

Created by artist Anish Kapoor, this huge horn looks oddly in its place on this hillside.

A car traveling up the roads in Norway created this image for a photographer, who used the light from the vehicle to create these streaks in the image (without Photoshop, of course)

These minerals actually formed in the shape of perfect cubes.

Situated in Donghae, Korea, this hotel definitely makes you look twice.

We knew about “bird’s eye view,” but cats have their own way of seeing things as well.

This diver swimming with a shark is amazing (and a little bit scary).

Situated in England, this is the spillway it the Ladybower Reservoir. It was created to help manage water overflow after heavy rain.

Created by a French artist, this room is in a hotel (should you ever want to be extremely stressed out on vacation).

This is exactly what you would hope a meteorite would look like, isn’t it?

Those rock formations are stunning.