These Absolutely Beautiful Tech Offices Of Your Favorite Online Companies Will Leave You Breathless.

These Absolutely Beautiful Tech Offices Of Your Favorite Online Companies Will Leave You Breathless. October 16, 2016

It’s no secret that tech companies like to take care of their employees… and what you’re about to see is no exception. The following photos are all offices and projects that were organized by [Custom Spaces](http://customspaces.com/), a San Francisco based company which helps organizations create and build their *ultimate* dream space *.*The AirBnB teamed up with the Gensler designers to create a workspace that fits AirBnB’s spirit perfectly. They spent 4 months just working among AirBnB to get a feel for their culture and values. There are no privates offices, not even for the founders. Every employee can work where ever and however they like while also having their own personal work space.

Dropbox’s newly designed 85,000 sq. ft. headquarters was designed to elevate a vibrant and energized workspace akin to the excitement of a newsroom. A key principle in this design was to maximize the efficiency of a smaller workspace without neglecting aesthetic appeal. The overall layout is a single continuous circle while an open space area designed to be both inviting and charged with life.

Facebook’s Headquarters has a whopping 9 buildings and more than 1 Million Sq. Ft. made up of office spaces, courtyards, a café and dining facility, skin renovation services.

Github’a offices create an entirely new realm, starting with their Octocat’s, there to pleasantly greet you everywhere you go. The office manager’s space is a stunning replica of the Oval Office using the endearing Octocat as the emblem in the rug. Their offices include an indoor picnic area and a full service bar. Of course, while designed for a fun environment they’ve also created rows of “caves” where staff and work quietly on projects at hand.

Google’s offices were specifically designed to foster creativity and collaboration. As an example, the atrium creates a busy social area near the center while gradually becoming more tranquil towards the perimeter. Phone booths, command centers, and meeting rooms are expertly positioned to absorb noise between lounge and workstation areas.

Nokia’s office space was designed in collaboration with architect Gensler, the same company that helped design AirBnB’s offices. The result is an impeccably designed interior with bright vibrant colors that energize staff as well as create an atmosphere of creativity and positivity.

Optimizely’s office designs perfectly reflect the essence of their core product – optimization and efficiency. Throughout the building their signature color blue brands the walls amidst the trendy modern tech interior design of exposed concrete walls and beautiful wood panels. Despite having 3 floors they’ve managed to create a feel of connectedness between each level by using plenty of open space.

Geremia Design and Path have a close working relationship. As their company grows and evolves, so do the designs Geremia creates for them. The result is an incredibly unique and creative use of various materials in crafting this handsome workspace.

Twitter’s design was inspired by the idea that they’ve grown from a startup to a ‘grown up’ company. They chose an historic Furniture Mart in San Francisco amidst the Mid-Market redevelopment zone. IA Interior Architects and consultant Lundberg Design collaborated on the new headquarters. They included a yoga studio, server rooms, full service cafeteria, outdoor dining area, and a splendid organic rooftop garden.

Yammer preserved the art deco style of the 80,000 sq. ft. building they chose while adding dozens of modern high-end touches such as 40 different lighting fixtures, 10 foot glass office fronts and luxurious marble tops. The space uses Buzzi noise canceling wall panels, and hydraulic lifting work stations giving workers the option of sitting or standing while working.