25 Awesome Photos That Sum Up Why We Love Cats So Much.

25 Awesome Photos That Sum Up Why We Love Cats So Much. October 13, 2019

When it comes to cats, their behavior can be so unusual sometimes. Their behavior is practically unpredictable and when they do something, it simply defies our explanation. But no one can deny that they’re supremely entertaining. But as cats continue to baffle, cat lovers are coming to terms with the fact that they’re just one of life’s furry mysteries. But rather than try and decipher their body language and enigmatic behavior, it’s just easier to allow ourselves to bask and their wackiness, and there’s no better way to do that than with these amazing photos that sum up why we love cats so much.On occasion, cats will check themselves out in the mirror when no one’s looking to make sure that they’re still the fairest in all the land. Here’s looking at you, kid!

That’s one way to try and look inconspicuous, and you know what that means! This kitty probably did something very naughty and is trying to steer clear of any humans.

Actually, this little one just looks to perch himself on the door handle whenever someone walks by. You have to admit, it’s got quite a grip. Maybe they should rename him Hovercat.

It’s certainly not going to let you brush your teeth or wash your face until you show him some TLC. Oh, don’t you dare turn on the water. You know how much they hate water!

This puss doesn’t need a boot. He’s got a bowl and it’s just loving his new sofa bowl, so it’s tough cookies for you if you intended to use it to put candy in it or your keys and wallets.

It seems like he’s cool with all the attention his new human companions are giving him, but there’s something about the fireplace that he just can’t stand.

Looking at those claws, it’s safe to say that this lady probably regretted egging her cat on. When anyone asks how she got those scratches she can just say she was in a catfight.

Whatever it is happening on the other side of that window must be really juicy for it to be standing at attention. Spill your guts, Kitty, because what it is we’re sure it’s even better than Maury.

This is the total look of regret, but then again, it might have just been trying to blend into her new environment, that’s all. Now if only the other kitty would stop staring and lend a paw.

You’d swear it’s a polar bear that you’re seeing and not a lovable kitty who’s just taking a stroll across your glass table to see what it feels like to be walking on air.

This kitty’s very confused by the family’s new picture. It’s already figured out it’s not a reflection of itself. We give that picture frame about a week before this cat gets frustrated and knocks it down.

You bought your kitty this nice water dispenser bowl, but it still insists on using the sink whenever it’s hungry. Honestly, they’re worse than your two-year-old.

If that’s kitty’s way of saying it wants to go on a ride in the car, then why didn’t it just meow so? Thank goodness his BFF is on the other side keeping the basket balanced or this would turn into a catastrophe.

It’s all tuckered out. But that’s a cat for you. They sleep pretty much anywhere and expect you to rub their belly so they can have some pleasant dreams while they’re down and out.

Imagine how it would react if you had a 3D TV. Your kitty would probably wreck the screen trying to take a stroll through the park. One thing’s for sure, the only thing on its mind right now is how it can eat that bird for lunch.

It’s extremely cute, and also extremely scary when you’re trying to make coffee for breakfast and this adorable little kitty pops out of nowhere.

Of course, they’re too proud to ask for our help, even when it seems to be a life or death situation that makes rock climbing look like a walk in the park.

No dog will try to hurt him from up here, and it’s better than trying to run away in the cold snow, but he clearly wasn’t smart enough to stay indoors like his owners told him to in the first place.

Your daughter has nothing on this kitty when it comes to ballet dancing. It’s got some moves that’s bound to get it into “So You Think You Can Dance” next season!

This cat chewed an armrest for herself in a cardboard box. Now that’s ingenuity, but you’re on her radar for being an awful owner. We doubt she’ll ever forgive or forget about this.

Good luck getting him to drink water from a bowl, a water fountain, or a toilet bowl from now on. Its totally hooked on this newfound water source and has designated your fridge his new mommy.

One owner found this stash while cleaning the house and discovered that her kitty has a huge hoarding problem. He just loves finding and stashing bottle caps, which he probably uses as cash to play poker with his kitty friends.

You could have spent that money buying a drone on Amazon, but instead you get your cat this thing to sit on and sunbathe by the window. Now it’s using it to shade itself from the sun. Go figure!

This poor kitty is so plus sized that you might as well tell him to become BFFs with a bird or a mouse. Just don’t ask him to climb this cat tree, cause he’s no American Ninja Warrior.

Who are you? It keeps asking, but it’s not getting a response. Then it realizes it’s his own reflection and suddenly everything it believed to be true about itself has come into question.