Cop Who Rescued A Kitten Was Overwhelmed With ‘Romantic’ Offers.

Cop Who Rescued A Kitten Was Overwhelmed With ‘Romantic’ Offers. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Dogs are often coined as man’s best friend. In fact, they’re famous for staying with their owners through thick and thin, never wavering. Cats, on the other hand, are known for their aloof nature. They say cats are like your weird roommate that poops in a box. But if you ask any cat owner, they’ll tell you that their cats are the most loving creatures ever. But in this case, the relationship between this particular feline and this cop goes well beyond the confines of simple friendship. They have been partners in crime-busting ever since the kitty was rescued by him.Their delightful adventure started when one of Garrett’s colleagues discovered an abandoned kitten under a dumpster.

The poor kitten was terrified and not at all responsive at the time she was rescued and taken to the police department. The oh-so-macho officers didn’t know what to do with the little kitty they had just rescued. So, Garrett came forward and offered to help.

Garrett offered to adopt the kitten and take her in because he had another rescue cat at his place, nursing her four kittens. So he knew that it would be good for the little feline as the kitten desperately needed a mother figure. She needed to experience the selfless love and affection from one of her own kind after the terrifying experience she’d had. At the same time, he was not so sure how the other kittens and the cat would react to her.

Just after the kitten was rescued, a flood flash swept through the local area. If it hadn’t been for Garrett’s colleagues, this little cat wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale. Garrett also mentioned that the weather outside was extremely bad and it wouldn’t stop raining for days.

When Garrett took the little feline home for the first time, it had an unexpected bowel movement, which led him to name her “Squirt”. Garrett was initially skeptical about how the mother cat and its kittens would react to the new addition to the family, but he was pleased to see that they were taking it very well. They accepted Squirt as their own.

Looks like Squirt wasn’t the only one who benefited from this rescue as Garrett himself has become famous after posting a picture of himself and his little partner on Instagram. Since then, his followers haven’t stopped singing praises of him and his good deeds. Some have even sent him marriage proposals. But it looks like many of his potential suitors will have their hearts broken after seeing what he wrote on his Instagram. He wrote,” So I’ve been getting lots of offers from ladies (and dudes) and just wanted to say I am taken.”

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