20 Hilarious Memes From Facebook Group Dedicated To Coriander (Cilantro) Haters.

20 Hilarious Memes From Facebook Group Dedicated To Coriander (Cilantro) Haters. June 21, 2021

You may have heard it called cilantro or coriander, but whatever you choose to call it, you either love it or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be a gray area. But there seems to be a scientific reason behind why some people don’t love them. But most people can agree that without coriander, some of the dishes we eat wouldn’t be worth eating because they wouldn’t have that oomph we expect from a meal. But if you still hate it then you can totally relate to these hilarious images dedicated to cilantro haters.This dude was passive-aggressively brutal. But his hatred for coriander was obviously so strong that he felt it necessary to report it to the news station like it was major news. It must have been a slow news day.

Coriander/cilantro has certain flavor compounds that only certain people can taste, but if you find plenty of it at the supermarket, it’s probably because of non-motivating adverts like this one.

Some people love parsley but totally dislike coriander even though they kind of look similar. But who cares if some people taste a citrussy flavor while others taste soap? Can’t we all just get along?

Then someone asks how many people dislike coriander, and you suddenly realize you’re not alone anymore. There are dozens, possibly hundreds. They should start a support group. Oh, wait! They did.

Group members find love and support for their hatred for coriander. They even post funny memes like this one which shows the relief they feel when they realize their food doesn’t “contaminated” with coriander.

Exhibit A shows intense love but exhibit B shows intense hatred at the sight of coriander. People love making jokes on this online support group, so don’t you dare tell anyone that you like cilantro.

When these guests saw a field to share any special dietary requirements, they didn’t hold back. Their response is beyond vulgar, but it’s safe to say there won’t be any coriander at this festive event.

They get a standing ovation for this meme which suggests we’re all the same on the inside regardless of our nationality or which side our bread is buttered, but coriander lovers are totally prehistoric.

If you think that any food seasoned with coriander tastes like the chef used dish soap, then you probably have the OR6A2 gene receptor. It’s too bad too because a lot of dishes are much better with coriander.

From the look of this dog’s expression, he tasted some coriander, and he didn’t like it at all. But we’ll bet if he was the chihuahua dog from Taco Bell he’d like it because you need coriander in Mexican food.

She’s overwhelmed by emotions which is exactly the way some of you would feel if you bit into coriander. Your eyes would probably water, but you have to be polite and pretend like you like it.

This is what happens when a store sells candles in individual glasses with different letters of the alphabet. Well, we’d say that this person got their message across loud and clear, don’t you think?

We’ll bet one can smell coriander from looking at the tattoo. But the joke’s on him because coriander will be with him for the rest of his life unless of course, he comes to his senses and lasers that tat off.

Notice the bottom of the bar code which says devil weed. It’s hilarious the lengths this guy went to in order to show off his distaste for one of the most useful seasonings in the world of cooking.

Everyone has the right to voice their opinion, but do they have to do it in the middle of the street and be so nasty about it? There are children out there who will probably read that. Some people have no manners.

The Indian activist is all about independence, civil rights and freedom across the world, but this meme suggests he’s no fan of coriander, which is ironic since he’s a vegan. Oh well. Nobody’s perfect.

Look at how many labels the supermarket has put on this packaged coriander. It’s like the price kept dropping and dropping until it was 98% off. At this point, they should give up and toss it in the trash.

Unfortunately, the list is 4 things everyone hates. On the plus side, coriander is the last on the list. So, if you do in fact love coriander, don’t feel so hurt by this list. Low battery and low wi-fi are far worse.

Although it looks more like cilantro than coriander, the message is loud and clear. This person obviously dislikes cilantro with a passion. Then again, coriander has a pretty specific taste that not everyone loves.

It doesn’t look like gourmet soap dish flavors would be a big hit in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. But if you’re set on using it, then you better keep your bags packed cause you’re probably going home.