Brazilian Mom Reminds Us We’re Never Too Old For Cosplay.

Brazilian Mom Reminds Us We’re Never Too Old For Cosplay. July 22, 2019

It’s not easy to break the internet, but this grizzled mom from Brazil is making heatwaves across the world with her insanely creative cosplays. Solange, from Manaus, Brazil, slays the game with her interpretation of the most famous anime, TV, and movie characters.Despite being known and appraised internationally for her incredible sewing and cosplaying skills, human cupcake Solange only cosplays locally.

Down from the ashy blonde wig, to the mole on her forehead, Solange managed to bring Yubaba to life, the infamous antagonist from the internationally acclaimed movie, Spirited Away.

Solange is all of those things, except for the last one. The adorable “Tía Sol” took the time to style her wig to match Shrek’s infamous villain to a T.

But in this case, she’s the one doing the killing! Solange’s take on Gramma Tala slays once more, proving some people are just too talented for their own self.

Cosplaying is an art form. You don’t just put on a costume and expect it to work. That’s why Solange grins adoringly at the camera, while holding the magic wand that changed Cinderella’s life. You know what? I believe it!

When you’re this talented, the world is your oyster, and that includes male characters! She can virtually play anyone!

She even bought a Courage dog plushy to pose by his side. From the adoring candor, to the black rubber boots, Solange knows how to play the part, (literally!)

Including the birdcage where Granny used to lock Tweety in. But since cosplaying gets a tad expensive, she found a DIY way to make up for not having a bird plushy: she simply wrapped a napkin around an orange and voila!

Solange wasted no time to bring her to life with her astounding outfit that must’ve taken her a while to finish. This mom’s simply too good!

Isn’t it ironic that a sweet lady like Solange is so good at playing Disney villains? She knows how to take on a challenge, and Ursula is definitely one.

The classical story follows the lives of fictional characters Ana, Helena and Teresa. Solange managed to portray their grandma to a T.

She was part of our Saturday mornings, back when all we wanted was to eat our bowl of cereal in front of the TV!

The detailing of the costume of the Mighty Morphin’s villain is intricate to say the least, but Solange isn’t afraid of a challenge and even got the head piece right, paying great homage to the humanoid sorceress.