Could Evidence From Russia Prevent Trump From Becoming President?

Could Evidence From Russia Prevent Trump From Becoming President? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

On December 19th the final vote is scheduled to take place in the Presidential election process and normally it’s just a formality. But this year things are different as American’s all over the country are hoping that this vote will actually overturn the results of Election Day. The possibility that it can happen is there but it is a very rare event. Hillary Clinton still needs a lot of help if things are going to change. People are putting a lot of hope in the fact that she currently has a nearly 3 million vote lead in the popular vote. That’s all fine and well but that’s not how the system works. It’s set up that way for a reason. Clinton wouldn’t be the first person to lose an election after receiving more of the popular vote. And she probably wouldn’t be the last. There is nothing saying that this final vote will even happen on the 19th. Congress has the power to change the actual date of the vote, although if they are going to do this they need to act quickly. It has been over a month since the general election and while Donald Trump is putting together his staff, things could still change. It’s highly unlikely that they will but the possibility is still there, no matter how small it is. So follow along because there are still many twists and turns to come in this never ending story.There are still investigations going on into if Russia played a part in the election. We may never know the true results.

People are still outraged at the results and are trying to have them overturned.

December 19th is the day that the Electoral College will cast their votes. However, Congress can still change this date.

Americans for Clinton are hoping that the vote can swing for Clinton.

When the vote takes place Clinton still needs more than 37 Republican electoral college votes. That may be easier said than done.

Once the vote is carried out the results are final and can’t be changed.

While it’s very rare it actually could happen. In 1993, William G. Stinson won a Senate seat put in February he was removed, after he had already taken office.

Clinton still has a lead in the popular vote, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone won an election after losing the popular vote.

The popular vote are the numbers that are focused on but the system that is in place is to ensure fairness for those smaller areas, to put it in general terms.

Even though Clinton has a lead of nearly 3 million in the popular vote, the main numbers are focused on the regions that those votes come from. The system was put into place so every area of the country is represented equally even though the populations vary drastically.

This election featured more issues than normal. There were scandals and accusations inside of scandals and accusations. The stories ran deeper than ever. Like if you were a woman would you want this guy to have your phone number?

The final vote is scheduled to take place in just a few days. How will it play out in the end and will the vote even happen on the 19th?

WikiLeaks played a huge role in this election. Or maybe they didn’t. A lot of the things that were released the public already knew about or had questions about.

This election wasn’t about just the two candidates. It featured people from all different walks of life and was an election process like we have never seen.

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